10 Business Resolutions for a Happy New Year 2019

What Changes Await your Business in the New Year?

As we welcome in 2019, resolutions fill the air.

However, reflecting on past behaviours and making a commitment towards change should not be seen as a purely personal exercise. The New Year is the prime time to create business resolutions that can fuel your productivity for the year ahead.

Below, the experienced marketeers at Think Beyond outline 10 positive commitments that every business should consider in 2019.

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Top Ten Business Resolutions for a successful 2019

1. Get native and explore affiliate opportunities
Put your brand in front of your buyer personas with affiliate and native advertising. Create campaigns that convert and maximise ROI by reaching out to quality publishers and utilise in-feed ads and content recommendations to further your reach.
This is right time, right place, right persona, right content marketing.

2. Blog for success
Creating and regularly updating a blog is more than an SEO exercise. By consistently posting unique, valuable content you can help to establish your business as a thought leader and stand out in your field. Mix traditional blog articles with whitepapers, downloads and infographics to maximise the return on your content creation.

3. Reviews and stamps of quality
2018 brought us GDPR and an offshoot of this is an increased need for reassurance and confidence in the brands customers interact with. Stamp trust all over your business by clearly displaying any professional memberships and accreditations on your site and spend time focussing on customer reviews – both collecting feedback and responding to it once received.

4. Prepare for voice search
Latest estimates suggest that 50% of web browsing will be voice driven by 2020 [1]. As voice search increases, it’s time that you adapted your marketing plan to utilise this emerging technology. Examine your current SEO and PPC keywords and consider adding more long tail keywords to reflect the natural rhythm of speech. For example, “picture of a Gantt chart” could be changed to “show me pictures of Gantt charts” or “where can I find Gantt charts?”.

5. Become 24/7 with AI
Say goodbye to traditional office hours when you embrace predictive marketing. By combining the latest in AI algorithms with data driven insights, predictive technologies are able to determine which future marketing actions are most likely to succeed – allowing you attract, nurture and convert prospects 24/7. This is not marketing on demand, this is demand generation.

6. Consistency is key
As channel marketing moves to an omnichannel experience, it is more important than ever that your business creates a consistent, appealing proposition across all touch points. Unify your branding across all channels and time zones to reap the reward of increased engagement.

7. Get social
Research suggests that social media is the most effective medium through which to raise brand awareness and strengthen thought leadership for the business to business sector [2].

Take time and invest in a social strategy that answers what platforms work for you and focuses upon the relationships and attitudes you are looking to develop with prospects through targeted, tailored content. Are your endorsements clearly displayed to give buyers reassurance? Do you regularly share white papers that educate your service or product users? Realise that not every social platform will be right for your brand.

8. Automate data capture
Make automating your data capture your resolution for 2019 to reap the rewards of reduced costs and increased sales and marketing alignment.

Imagine being able to capture compliant data that does not disappear after unsuccessful contact or being able to produce a seamless flow of qualified leads. All this is possible when automation technologies are integrated with your CRM.

9. Get authentic with UGC
There is no doubt that content remains firmly at the marketing throne for 2019.

However, the way in which content is produced is more important than ever, with research suggesting that user-generated content (UGC) has been proven to increase conversions by 29% [3]. Dedicate time towards surveys, reviews, video and photo shares or consider partnering with an influencer to create high authority, relevant content that speaks to this need for authenticity in marketing.

10. Personalise
Whilst by no means a new premise, personalisation should form an integral part of your 2019 marketing strategy. Go beyond first name data fields and create truly personalised marketing campaigns that consider browsing history, key anniversary dates and related purchases. Know your buyer personas and speak to them directly through targeted and timely content to create an inviting proposition that is more likely to convert.

What’s your business resolution for 2019?

Arguably, the most important business resolution you can make for 2019 is to adapt.

In today’s fast-paced business world, nothing stays the same for long and to get ahead of your competitors requires a resolute commitment to not only reflect but test and change.

Think Beyond is a marketing consultancy that can help manage that change. Our qualified experts can strategically support your business with your marketing plan, marketing automation systems, demand generation techniques and predictive marketing implementation right through to supplying you with board-level Marketing Director as a Service (MDaaS). Our aim is simple: we partner with you and your team to assess where you are, where you want to be and to help you get there.

To find out more, call 01625 682110.

Alternatively, submit your contact details online and a member of the Think Beyond team will be in touch as soon as possible.


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