More Christmas sales

More Christmas sales!

All I want for Christmas is more sales

Mariah Carey might not want a lot for Christmas but sales managers certainly do. With 20% of annual retail sales connected to Christmas [1], sleighing the competition has never been so important. Below, Think Beyond outline 4 ways to get more Christmas sales without an army of elves.

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4 ways to sleigh your Christmas sales targets (and the competition)

1. Create urgency (be faster than Santa on Christmas Eve)

Christmas is a time-sensitive event; create a sense of urgency via targeted copy, visual countdowns and promotions with a set expiry dates to push prospects further down the sales funnel. Fast.

Keep your countdown messaging consistent across all marketing channels, both on and offline, and don’t neglect to display important details such as last shipping dates prominently.

2. Funnel down (the sales chimney)

Concentrate on converting prospects in the bottom of the sales funnel and go after abandoned carts like never before. Whilst this might seem like a case of “funnel vision”, the logic is simple: these prospects are most likely to convert.

Analyse what extra steps you could take to get that prospect through to sale. Could you offer a free video demonstration? Would testimonials from satisfied purchasers help close the sale?

3. Automate and predict (your business little helpers)

Christmas is a frenzy; a frenzy of clicks and a frenzy of data.

Stay ahead of the noise by automating your campaigns, data collection and processes. Take the guesswork away from lead scoring with automation and align your sales and marketing teams to benefit from a flow of qualified leads.

Inform your marketing with predictive technology to get to your customers first. Want to know when that abandoned cart is most likely to convert or find out if that new lead is mere churn? Predictive marketing can do just that by taking data driven insights and the latest in AI technology to determine which marketing action is most likely to succeed.

4. Follow up (a gift that keeps on giving)

Just as Saint Nick writes a list and checks it twice, no business should neglect to follow up their “naughty” or “nice” Christmas customers. Retarget your site visitors and nurture leads through content, email, social and more. Focus on creating customer journeys and reward loyalty through coupons or special offers that could help buoy up a usually slow January.

A Christmas sales gift from Think Beyond

Santa Claus doesn’t face the Christmas rush alone and you don’t need to either.

Think Beyond has a proven track record in helping businesses unlock their sales potential and go beyond their targets. Our qualified marketers will partner with you, your team and your business to understand, analyse and improve your sales funnel velocity.

Our aim is to deliver a workable and bespoke sales solution that optimises every touch point both on and offline; this is our gift to you.

To find out how we can work together and improve sales, call 01625 682110. Alternatively, enter your contact details here and a member of the Think Beyond team will be in touch shortly.

  1. Digital Marketing Magazine

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More Christmas sales!

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