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Are You Buying your Marketing Success? Why a Digital Strategy should go Beyond Keywords and Clicks (Marketing Personalisation)

Pay Per Click advertising (PPC) is widely recognised as one of the fastest ways in which to grow your business’ online presence. Able to generate instant leads and propel your brand up search engine rankings, it is perhaps no surprise that 45% of small businesses are already utilising PPC [1] as part of their digital marketing mix, despite its lack of marketing personalisation.

However, recent research shows that we are becoming increasingly frustrated with ad experiences, citing: “intrusive placements, annoying formats and simply too many messages [2]” as major pain points. The result – year on year growth in ad blockers.

In today’s advertising climate, we don’t just want personalised, relevant messaging – we demand it. The challenge for marketing departments thus becomes how to create rewarding and individual customer journeys that are delivered authentically and across digital mediums.

Below, the Think Beyond experts explore how you can personalise your online marketing to implement a strategy that goes beyond keyword selection and pays in terms of revenue.

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How to create rewarding online experiences

Marketing personalisation has come a long way since inserting a name field within an email campaign. Today, data fuels full and rewarding online experiences, allowing businesses to address each prospect as an individual and make them feel valued at every touch point.

Accurate buyer personas, segmentation and custom audiences can help to achieve this but for a true one-to-one feel, predictive technologies offer messaging at a granular level.

AI machine learning algorithms create customised online experiences with tailored calls to actions, product recommendations and more. Moreover, big data machines can customise content across channels and devices in real-time – sending emails after key page views or SMS push notifications when a prospect is near a physical location to align the marketing triad of right message to the right person at the right time. The revenue benefits of this approach seem clear: personalisation can lift revenues by 5-15% and increase marketing spend efficiency by 10-30% [3].

Getting personal also means to get native and build trust with your prospects. Stark figures show that 92% of people trust peer recommendations over other forms of advertising when making a purchasing decision [4].

Utilise user generated content and consider partnering with high authority influencers to humanise your digital experience and create trusted, native content placements. On and offline referral schemes can also tap into this element of trust and have been proven to increase revenues, boosting customer lifetime value by up to 16% [5].

The digital jump into marketing personalisation: what’s stopping you?

Creating the integrated, personalised journeys that we expect can seem like a daunting prospect with many brands failing to tailor engagements beyond basic forms of personalisation [6].

As a study by Econsultancy suggests, the issue is often one of priority and maturity with many companies still to do the “groundwork” in terms of audience and data management before a scalable, effective personalisation programme can be put into action [7].

For industries that have traditionally been slow to adapt to digital marketing such as law, engineering, manufacturing and health and pharma this issue can be especially marked, necessitating an immediate review of data management systems. Within Cheshire and the wider North-West of England, the above mentioned industries represent some of the largest employers in the area [8].

How a consultant can help you make the most of your digital opportunity – now

In today’s hyperconnected world, business success lies beyond the click of PPC keywords alone and can be found in personalised, purposeful customer journeys.

In many respects, personalisation goes beyond account based marketing (ABM); it is the alignment of your prospect with your marketing and with your brand.

With many businesses yet to adopt a personalisation strategy, the time to get personal to get ahead is now. Indeed, research by Frost and Sullivan predicts that customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by as early as 2020 [9], creating a small window of opportunity and a deadline by which to get your digital marketing on track.

Partnering with a business consultant can help to close the gap between you and your opportunity – fast. From analysing your past prospect data to implementing tailored marketing solutions and reporting on what good looks like, a consultant will work with you and your team to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy.

Think Beyond is a marketing consultancy agency in Wilmslow in Cheshire with deep domain expertise in CRM (customer relationship management), marketing automation and end-to-end engagement with target audiences.

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Are You Buying your Marketing Success? Why a Digital Strategy should go Beyond Keywords and Clicks (Marketing Personalisation)

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