Are you Fulfilling your Potential Without Marketing at the Table?

Here at Think Beyond, we like to pursue a culture of learning and share a philosophy that drives us to share our business and marketing expertise to help your business grow.

Recent research in the Journal of Marketing confirms that having a marketing expert on the board is positively associated with revenue, in some cases benefitting by up to 8% versus without marketing [1]. An in-depth look at the findings revealed that directors with marketing experience achieved that by shaping the agenda and influencing the CMO and other C-suite executives between meetings.

The Financial Reporting Council (FRC) released a new UK corporate governance code in July 2018 and the first principle set out is that: “A successful company is led by an effective and entrepreneurial board, whose role is to promote the long-term sustainable success of the company, generating value for shareholders and contributing to wider society”.

The Benefits of Marketeers at Board Level and Beyond

When you think that most marketeers are creative thinkers, inspiring personalities and hugely motivational, does it not make sense to enrich your board with those traits? Read below as Think Beyond further explores the benefits of marketeers at board level and the wider business success this can bring.

Leading the Digital Charge

A strategic marketeer will help guide your digital strategy, which is essential to help your organisation stay ahead of the wave of technological change and find your next customers before your competitors do. Think Beyond’s team of experts believe in helping your business reach its potential and can partner with you for strategic business consultancy to help you get there. Give us a call today on 01625 682110 to see how we can support your growth aspirations.

Improved Sales

A modern marketing function may have outsourced its creative functions to a design agency, pursuing strategies to improve sales and move further up the value chain. When you consider that a diverse and entrepreneurial board will often feature a strong sales director, it becomes a no-brainer to have the marketing skills present that align to sales and drive demand generation. Think Beyond can offer Marketing Director as a Service (MDaaS) to fill that gap in your board.

Funnel Efficiency

Sales teams are most effective when they are fed relevant leads at the top of the sales funnel, with those leads being nurtured through the middle of the funnel to an opportunity. Think Beyond’s strategists use marketing automation to boost demand generation, help you to identify and grow funnel velocity and analyse why leads don’t become opportunities. At the bottom of the funnel, where a deal is won or lost, Think Beyond can help you deep-dive into why you are not converting. Get in touch with Think Beyond’s business experts to see how we can help your business fly by completing the form or call us on 01625 682110 for an informal chat.


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