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2-month Challenge: Get Black Friday Marketing fit and Cyber Monday motivated

Black Friday is on Friday 29th November 2019 and is set to break records. This traditional American giveaway after Thanksgiving has firmly cemented itself into British shopping habits. Read on to find out why Black Friday marketing can make or break your year.

Why is Black Friday marketing important to your business?

Back in 2015 [1], the BBC reported that sales in Great Britain grew faster in November than in December for the first time. This is a key buying period, with the average consumer set to spend over £2,000 of their disposable income in the run up to Christmas. The question is no longer how much you sell in December but whether people will have enough money left after Black Friday for Christmas.

Who started the trend in the UK?

Amazon is widely credited for bringing this American extravaganza across the pond and cementing the event within the British buying psyche. High street names such as Currys, Argos, Boots, Tesco and Asda are avid promoters of Black Friday weekend. With deals often exceeding 50% off, there are bargains to be had and this draws in the crowds. Remember, the date is after pay day for most people, specifically, on or around the 25th day of each month.

Should B2B care about Black Friday deals?

Black Friday is not exclusive to B2C. More companies are offering Black Friday discounts to clients, whether they supply IT equipment, office furniture or SaaS subscriptions. The majority of companies have a year-end aligned to the end of the financial year (31st March) or the calendar year (31st December). The latter may buy ahead of year-end due to Christmas. In conclusion, Black Friday may be a good time to mop up budget.

How do I get help planning for Black Friday and Cyber Monday?

Think Beyond are experts in marketing strategy and planning. We can help you prepare programmes and activities to maximise your performance in this key period. You can contact the team for a no obligation discussion on 01625 682110 or e-mail

Can I learn from Prime Day?

According to The Drum [2], this 48-hour sale beat their own sales record for Black Friday and Cyber Monday combined. These ‘deal days’ can boost your trade and provide a ‘flywheel’ effect for future organic sales. In fact, total impressions were 80% higher than the trailing six-week average.

Amazon’s ‘Cyber Five’ event for 2019 covering Black Friday and Cyber Monday is expected to be the largest sales event of 2019. Remember that Amazon Business will also be involved, which may draw custom away from you if you don’t run your own deals.

What can I do to prepare for Black Friday sales?

Back in 2018 [3], Forbes gave three tips to prepare. “Start preparing now to avoid common conundrums that trip up small businesses and prevent meticulous strategies from going as planned.”

Work with influencers
Remember that 92% of people trust peer recommendations and the ROI of influencer marketing is 11 times higher than other marketing methods. Maximise your own deal day.

Test your website
For many businesses, your website is your shopfront and it needs to perform. Make sure it doesn’t get overwhelmed and slow down or crash during your event. 46% of users don’t return to poorly performing websites and 44% of online shoppers will tell their friends about a bad experience online.

Expect the unexpected
Ensuring that your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals deliver on both the top and bottom line is crucial. Planning your competitive marketing strategy to get ahead will pay dividends. Also, make sure you have the planned all of the logistics.

Get marketing advice from an expert

The Chartered Marketers of Think Beyond have a philosophy of supporting change. If this is your first Black Friday and Cyber Monday or you didn’t plan for it in previous years, you have two months to prepare and change your approach. In summary, we focus on delivering measurable results with a positive marketing return on investment (MROI).

Based in Wilmslow in Cheshire, we offer marketing advice and operations support to Cheshire, Manchester and Lancashire. We have clients as far afield as London, Barcelona and Stockholm.

Take advantage of our free one-hour consultation and see how we can help you with your Black Friday marketing. Call us now on 01625 682110 or fill-in our quick contact form.

Finally, why not check out our customer testimonials or subscribe to our blog.

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2-month Challenge: Get Black Friday Marketing fit and Cyber Monday motivated

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