Business Decision Making for Strategic Success

Business decision making and marketing

Whether you are a business owner, CEO or managing director, understanding what drives your decision making is critical. Without a framework or point of reference, how can you be fully confident you are making the best decision for the right reasons?

Think Beyond recently had the pleasure of meeting Dr Sherril Kennedy from Kennedy Business Solutions and undertook a Decision & Interaction Analysis (DIA). This analysis provides an insight into the way you approach a decision by identifying how you apportion your energy between various thinking processes.

As a marketing consultancy agency based Wilmslow, Cheshire, Think Beyond has a particular interest in business and marketing strategy. We create marketing plans with goals, activities and KPIs to get the best return on investment (ROI) for your marketing budget. Understanding our approach to decisions helps us to understand how our clients make decisions with their marketing and lead generation.

Dr Kennedy states that “Our thinking pattern is unique to each individual. DIA highlights where we put the emphasis when making decisions, the impact this is likely to have and the extent to which we need to share our thinking. Feedback enables the individual to understand why they do what they do and equips them to modify their approach to achieve a different outcome. The Decision & Interaction Analysis is non-judgemental and provides a great insight in both a work or personal context”.

If you would like to know more about the Think Beyond approach to business change and growth strategies, you can arrange a one-hour free consultation by calling 01625 682110 or by completing our contact form to get in touch.

The stages of decision making

Every decision can be broken down as follows:

  1. Researching – fact-finding, probing, problem-solving, assessing different ways of achieving the required outcome
  2. Intending – resolve, building a case, weighing up options, evaluating
  3. Committing – seizing the moment, getting it done, checking progress, learning lessons from the past.

Each of these stages is further divided to reveal the 12-stage model of decision making.

We found the most interesting aspect of the DIA to be the analysis of the likely impact of the emphasis you place at each stage of the decision process i.e. it demonstrates via a handy colour-coding where we over-emphasise some aspects of our decisions or pay little attention to a particular area. Whatever our individual focus, it will bring strengths to the process and highlight development needs.

You can read more about the decision making solutions on offer by visiting or by telephone on 01335 346 444.

A marketing consultancy with a difference

Here at Think Beyond, we have a distinctive approach inspired by philosophy, with a mission to deliver measurable, managed, value for money change that unleashes the science of marketing.

Marketing is a significant element of any business plan. Let one of our experts perform a marketing health check on your business to identify areas of improvement by e-mailing our friendly team at We offer Marketing Director as a Service (MDaaS) to give you regular business consultancy support and our 10-point marketing plans thoroughly deliver for our clients as you can see here in our five-star testimonials.

Make the right decision, choose Think Beyond

Like the amazing Dr Sherril Kennedy, we believe in understanding the needs and motivators of our clients, seeking to partner with clients to accelerate their marketing potential.

It isn’t all about marketing agencies – find someone who can navigate the complexities of marketing, break through the jargon, focuses on what is best for your business, maximises ROI and ultimately, improves sales through effective lead management techniques including lead scoring and lead nurturing campaigns.

Contact the Think Beyond marketers

Based in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow, Cheshire, our CIM Chartered Marketers are available to support you with your marketing strategy – marketing consultants backed by a partner network of capabilities delivering websites through to content plans, campaign management, automation and sales enablement support. Remember only half [1] of businesses have a digital strategy in place…don’t get left behind, call us now for your free consultation on 01625 682110.



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Business Decision Making for Strategic Success

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