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Digital Strategy – What’s Your Plan?

The digital environment is like Goliath. From websites, blog posts, social media, email campaigns, PPC campaigns and beyond, there is no escaping digital. Read below as we chop this colossus down to size and outline the why, what and how of an effective digital strategy.

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Why is a digital strategy important?

A clear digital strategy is key to be relevant and stay relevant to customers. This is true for a young start-up or an established brand. Despite this, a recent survey said that 49% of businesses who use digital marketing do not have a clearly formulated strategy in place [1].

Whilst these businesses have a general digital direction, there is no connection between their digital efforts and wider business goals. How can you grow your customer base if you do not know through which channels you acquire custom and how? How can you measure the success of subscriber levels if you have no pre-defined metrics and evaluate the value derived?

No strategy equates to lost opportunities, lost insights and lost revenue. No strategy subtracts from your ROI and can multiply competitor profits.

What is a digital strategy?

In summary, a digital marketing strategy is a series of actions designed to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

An effective strategy has a clear value proposition and defined audience personas. Additionally, informed choices of digital marketing channels and planned targeting of identified personas boosts effectiveness.

A digital strategy considers the customer’s entire journey and optimises each touch point on the path to conversion and loyalty.

How to create an effective strategy

An effective digital plan is rooted in research. Check how your digital efforts fit with wider business goals and analyse your past digital performance. What worked well previously and what did not.

Furthermore, use funnel-based insights to drill-down and identify audience personas to inform which digital channels to use and when to optimise interaction.

Finally, be prepared to adapt. In today’s fast-paced digital, world nothing stays still for long. Your strategy must be flexible and evolve with rapid changes.

Thinking beyond with digital marketing

Think Beyond understands the challenges of digital marketing. We help business owners and senior management to take control of their digital strategy. From brand positioning to product launches, campaign management to content, social media marketing to sales enablement, we help you realise your digital potential.

Finally, if you are ready to Think Beyond with digital, get in touch with a member of our team today to discuss your needs.


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Digital Strategy – What’s Your Plan?

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