Hop to it: How to Create an Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

Spoiler: It’s not just LinkedIn

With the new financial year just around the corner and Q2 budgets set to be released, spending on social media marketing is frequently seen as the reserve of B2C. Yet with 75% of B2B buyers using social media to help support their purchase decision [1], creating a social presence and allocating resource to this channel should be seen as a vital part of your B2B digital marketing plan.

But this does not mean funneling all your efforts into LinkedIn as some statistics would suggest [2].

Rather, an effective use of social media should stem from a clearly defined and researched social media strategy that aligns your social creation with wider business goals. An effective social plan should help to drive right time, right place, right content marketing to bolster conversions and ultimately protect ROI.

Despite this, only 32% of businesses have a documented social media strategy in place [3]. To help you create a social presence that gets results, the Think Beyond marketeers share their 5 social media strategy essentials below.

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Social Media Strategy Essentials

1. Start with Objectives
Any social strategy should be founded upon clearly defined objectives that serve wider business aims as outlined in your business plan. List what it is you hope to achieve, how this serves your overall business goal/s and how you will track success.

For example, if you want to increase traffic to your blog to meet new email subscriber figures you may consider tracking metrics such as clicks versus sign ups. For campaigns that are focussed upon brand awareness, follower count, engagement or impressions would be key performance indicators.

2. Know your Audience
Research is your social media strategy’s best friend. Use social media listening to understand how prospects view and engage with your brand and conduct competitor analysis to discover the conversations that matter most to your industry.

Regularly review your audience insight tools to drill down into your buyer personas and firmographics to create detailed social profiles complete with accurate pain points that can fuel your content targeting.

Be mindful however, that your personas may change from one social platform to another and your content should reflect this. Social is far from a one-size fits all approach.

3. Choose your Platforms
Once you have defined your objectives and identified your audience, choose your social platforms.

LinkedIn is often the go-to for B2B marketeers and is frequently cited as the most effective B2B social platform followed in usage by Facebook, Twitter and Google+ [4].

Evaluate your current efforts to determine platform specific ROI and ask:
● Is this working?
● Is my target market here? If so, how are they engaging with this platform
● Does this platform help me to achieve business goals?

4. Consider Paid Campaigns
From boosting posts on Facebook to InMails on LinkedIn and multichannel influencer campaigns, the opportunities for engagement can significantly increase with paid social actions and allow your brand to target both new and existing prospects.

An effective social media strategy should budget for paid campaigns and carefully track ROI, answering all the time how this action serves your social media objectives and related business goals.

5. Analyse and Refine – Constantly
A social media strategy is a work in progress.

Constant analysis can help you to determine what is working and what is not in order to best direct your efforts. Don’t be afraid to split test your campaigns and actively ask your social audience for feedback in the form of surveys.

With new, emerging audiences and demographic shifts par for the course on social media, remaining flexible and being able to adapt are arguably the most important components of any social media strategy.

How Think Beyond can help you get social

Social media marketing has a clear revenue value to the B2B sector and can help to attract, nurture and convert prospects, providing everything from brand awareness to social proof to hard conversions.

The marketing opportunities within social media are vast but could quickly become diluted without a defined plan in place. Simply posting a blanket update across all channels may satisfy that you have “done” social media for that day but it is unlikely to impact your overall marketing aim with no goal, audience or analysis attached.

At Think Beyond, our specialist marketeers have helped businesses of all sizes to take control of their digital strategy. Working closely with business owners, CEOs, sales and marketing directors and their teams, Think Beyond delivers effective end-to-end campaign management. Our social media packages include full training, research and application of agreed strategies with our consultants working in partnership with your team to achieve set outcomes.

Call 01625 682110 to find out how we can work together on your digital health.

Alternatively, submit your contact details online and a member of the Think Beyond team will be in touch shortly.

New budget, new quarter, new opportunities. Hop to it – get your social media strategy on track and you could start to see results as soon as Easter.


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