How a Business Consultant can Accelerate your Company into Orbit

Why is hiring so hard?

We all know what it can be like working in business. Too much work to do and not enough people to do it. This is especially the case in companies with low margins, those that need to react to significant change, owners and investors worrying about declining profits or simply trying to grow and pedalling faster.

Deciding to hire new talent in a small and/or owner-managed business is a huge decision, significantly adding to your monthly costs and reducing profit to reinvest or take out of the business.

‘Fit’ is critically important to your business and hiring the wrong person can have disastrous long-term consequences or simply unfilled potential and disappointment. The accountant who got the books wrong, the salesperson who committed you to something you can’t deliver, the marketeer who spent all of our marketing budget on paid search, the senior manager who made some mediocre hires etc.

Small enterprises do not always have the financial muscle or brand awareness to afford and attract the best talent. We can all imagine that businesses like Google or Tesla have no trouble attracting talent – they are in the news regularly and impact our daily lives. Jane Smith Financial Services Limited or Pete Tong Accident Claims Limited may be fictitious names, but new or small businesses have little presence on the employment market. So what can you do and do you have to commit to a permanent member of staff?

Read below to discover why a business consultant can be a valuable addition to your workforce and the unique benefits that this partnership can bring.

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Why it pays to hire a business strategist

Many people think consultants are expensive or superfluous to their day-to-day businesses but that would miss the point entirely.

According to Raconteur [1], smaller businesses and startups are showing increased interest in outsourcing some in-house functions and consultants can play a role in that or provide the services themselves. Think Beyond’s experts have deep domain expertise in marketing and business to help accelerate your business potential through business consultancy. The value that a seasoned expert can bring, even for a brief project, may easily outweigh the short-term cost.

If you are looking to hire a new or additional Head of Marketing or Marketing Director, it could cost £80k or more in Manchester and Cheshire. This is a substantial investment and a gamble that the individual has the required skill and knowledge to deliver growth and spend your marketing budget wisely. Allocating overheads to this person, including the costs of onboarding, IT equipment, mobile phones and other benefits, you may be looking at £100k per year with no guarantee of return.

According to Consultancy UK [2], “smaller firms typically specialise and have strengths in specific areas and naturally collaborate with other firms where there is a shared need. In such relationships, there are mutual dependencies and relationships built on trust, whereby all parties are, collaboratively, focused on performing in the best interests of the client.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

The business case for consultation

Take the scenario above, hiring a senior marketing professional could cost you £8k per month.
The big plus of permanent staff is that this person will be around every day, all year round. But what if you need someone to set your digital strategy, implement a marketing automation solution or simply train some of your existing workforce through expert workshops? These are mostly short to medium term projects that may not require that level of investment. A marketing consultant can be the flexible solution to your business need.

Similarly, if you are hiring because you need strategic support to help refresh your company business plan, put in place a marketing strategy with a clear marketing plan or simply to ensure value for money from your current marketing spend, a small marketing management consultancy could be just the ticket. Think Beyond partners with all different types of organisation and benefits from a wide-ranging perspective on business, markets and how to increase sales. Fast.

What about marketing agencies?

Some firms opt to partner with a number of marketing agencies with little in-house digital or marketing expertise.

Monthly retainers and low visibility may mean that your business is not maximising its inbound marketing return on investment. It may be that you do not have sufficient in-house expertise to properly manage all of the activities being undertaken, including SEO, PPC, web development, affiliate marketing, social media marketing, content generation, campaign management etc. If you are spending anywhere between £100k and £1m on marketing per annum, you really can’t afford to leave results to chance and that’s where a highly-qualified expert with exposure to different businesses and industries can really help.

Are you ready to Think Beyond?

Expertise, flexible terms and a proven ROI are just three reasons why partnering with a Think Beyond growth consultant makes business sense.

Our strategists have amassed an international client base and consult on all aspects of business performance, driven by a singular aim: to accelerate your business potential. Today.

If you would like a friendly chat with one of our expert advisors, call us now on 01625 682110 or e-mail us at You can also complete a contact form and we will be in touch shortly.


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