How Automation Drives Customer Engagement

Engage to Convert

Whilst it is well-known that creating relevant and timely customer experiences is key to engaging with prospects, applying this theory into practice is often problematic with half of customers believing that brands could do more to engage them [1].

Below, the expert marketeers at Think Beyond outline three ways in which automation can help bridge this gap to successfully create rewarding and personalised customer journeys that convert.

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3 Ways Automation can Drive Engagement for your Business

1. Nurture with email
Email automation is vast and limited only by how much time you wish to invest. Simple automations such as form submission follow-up, welcome e-mails, and customer experience surveys help to deepen relationships.

However, email can also go much further than this and proactively nurture prospects down the sales funnel. By analysing customer attributes such as buyer persona, past purchases and firmographics, highly personalised campaigns can be sent once a certain trigger is met. This trigger could be anything such as a set number of days since the last contact or an immediate follow up to a pdf download.

2. Create consistency with mobile
Customers interact with your brand across devices and it is vital that you create a unified business front to not only attract but nurture and convert.

Mobile marketing automation allows your business to deliver push notifications, in-app messaging, SMS/MMS in real-time with location integration. Imagine being able to send a promotion push notification to a prospect when they are near your physical location or answer customer queries 24/7 via the use of chatbots – both of these functions and more are possible with mobile marketing automation.

3. Attract and analyse with social media
Automate social media marketing to benefit from increased engagement and increased data collection. Social automations such as sharing blogs and videos automatically, syncing between social channels, email automation from blog comments and real-time alerts whenever your brand, product or competitor is mentioned help your business to get ahead…and stay ahead.

What’s more, many social marketing automation integrations are capable of providing data analytics to further inform and expand upon who engages with your brand on social. The insights gained will not only help to target your social campaigns but can also be used across channels to enhance engagement.

Is your business ready to engage with automation?

The non-linear, multi-device and multi-channel nature of customer journeys makes it hard, if not impossible, to manually track and create the personalised marketing experiences that prospects demand. Automation is a tool that can anticipate and proactively attract, nurture and guide engagement over time towards conversion, eliminating fragmented messaging. More than this, automation is a way to engage with prospects as individuals, giving communications relevance and meaning to create right time, right persona, right content, right channel marketing.

Think Beyond has helped businesses of all sizes to get their automation strategies on track and create clear plans for customer engagement. Our qualified marketeers are available to discuss any aspect of your business’ automation approach. Simply call 01625 682110 to start that dialogue today with one of our strategists.

Or, you can submit your contact details online through our contact from and an automation specialist will be in touch shortly.

You can find out more about our marketing automation approach by clicking here.


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