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Boost Black Friday sales: Plan ahead

First of all, Black Friday marks the start of one of the most lucrative sales periods of the year. Get it right and your quarter 4 sales will receive a welcome boost. Get it wrong and you risk missing out on your slice of the forecasted billions in sales. To help you negotiate this tricky time of year, Think Beyond have put together their “do’s” and “don’ts” to boost Black Friday sales (through to Cyber Monday).

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Black Friday – The Do’s and Don’ts to boost Black Friday sales

DO: Deep dive into your data

Analyse past Black Friday sales to determine which channels, what content and what promotions drove traffic and crucially, sales conversions. Use these insights to inform your inbound marketing strategy and build this year’s sales success on solid foundations.

DO: Prepare early – CRM and landing page

Create automated drip marketing campaigns in the run up to Black Friday to leverage your CRM data. Personalise your messaging to create inviting propositions that are more likely to convert.

Similarly, gain valuable and compliant data by building a dedicated Black Friday landing page with a ‘sign-up’ function ahead of November 23rd. Target opted-in prospects before, during and after Black Friday and let page visitors form your retargeting list.

DO: Get digitally fit

Expand your top of funnel pipeline with a fully developed digital plan that considers how PPC, SEO, email and social interact to attract, nurture and convert sales.

Use data driven insights to adjust paid bids based on time of day analysis and continually monitor social media for emerging trends and hashtags.

DON’T: Spend all your marketing budget in one day

Black Friday is the tip of the sales iceberg with Cyber Monday and Christmas hot on its heels. Conserve your marketing budget for the long run and consider Black Friday promotions over a number of days to benefit from cheaper clicks and marketing spend.

DON’T: Neglect mobile

Last year, an estimated 31% of all Black Friday sales were via mobile [1]. As we move towards a mobile-first landscape, check and double-check site loading, ease of browsing, checkout and how email and social banners display on different devices. In summary, you must optimise for mobile.

DON’T: Neglect cross-sell and upsell

It can be easy to get swept up in the buzz of Black Friday. Don’t focus your attention on the top of the sales funnel at the expense of considering the wider customer journey and the opportunities for cross sell and up-sell. Create nurture programmes that reward loyalty and encourage repeat custom to help realise the lifetime value of Black Friday customers.

Let Think Beyond boost your Black Friday sales strategy

The above “do’s” and “don’ts” are perhaps missing one final “do”. Please do contact Think Beyond to boost your Black Friday sales!

Think Beyond understands that every business faces unique sales challenges so we partner with you to develop a bespoke sales solution. Our qualified marketers examine every aspect of sales performance and user experience to deliver workable and measurable results.

In conclusion, to discover how we can work together on improving sales, call 01625 682110 or complete our contact form.

Finally, over half of the UK population is expected to part with their hard-earned cash on November 23rd [2]. Developing an effective Black Friday strategy is more than a case of “do” or “don’t” – it is a must.


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Boost Black Friday sales: Plan ahead

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