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How To Create a Winning Strategic Marketing Plan

Every business needs a strategic marketing plan. Acting as the connective tissue between wider business aims and marketing actions, a clearly defined marketing plan answers how your business is to execute and achieve set goals.

However, with nearly a third (32%) of B2B companies reporting to have no formal marketing plan [1] and 19% of businesses with documented strategies believing that they are ineffective [2], how can your business create a winning marketing plan?

In order to answer this question, Think Beyond share their tips for overcoming obstacles in the marketing planning process below and outline what it means to partner with one of our Chartered Marketers on your marketing strategy.

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Removing obstacles to the marketing planning process

Marketing plans matter yet even those companies who invest in planning risk devaluing their work if they stumble at any of the following hurdles…

  • Hurdle: Disconnect between marketing and other departments

Marketing should never be viewed in isolation. Rather, marketing activity should weave and connect with other departments, always supporting business goals as identified in your business plan. Share your marketing plan with your team to create buy-in from other departments and gain support from C-Suite executives.

Alignment between marketing and financial teams is vital if your organisation is to realise the long-term strategic value of marketing.

  • Hurdle: Reactionary and unplanned

During periods of rapid growth, it is tempting to react and favour an unplanned marketing approach.

However, even fast-moving environments require, and will benefit from, taking a strategic approach to marketing planning. A documented plan can help to focus efforts and provides clear KPIs against which to accurately measure marketing effectiveness.

  • Hurdle: Expertise

Strategic marketing plans require time, effort and dedication. From researching your business environment through SWOT and PESTLE analysis to identifying your buyer personas and strategising your segments and marketing channels, a comprehensive marketing plan is a considerable piece of work.

Hiring external help such as a marketing consultant can help to bridge any skills gap and bring both a fresh perspective and unbiased data readings to the task. In our experience, internal teams are often too close to the task in hand to be able to gain objective insights.

  • Hurdle: Treating marketing planning as a one-off task

Your plan is written so it’s job done? No – strategic marketing planning is a process that necessitates plans must be continually reviewed and changes actioned. Buyer personas change as do marketing trends – it’s imperative that your plan is flexible and able to accommodate new insights and capitalise on opportunities.

Planning for success: Strategic marketing plans with Think Beyond

Think Beyond is a marketing management consultancy operating in Alderley Edge and Wilmslow in Cheshire. Our experienced marketing consultants are on hand to help you take control of your marketing strategy: from auditing your past performance to gaining actionable data; helping your team grow with bespoke business training to developing a marketing plan that works for you and even providing board-level marketing support with our Marketing Director as a Service (MDaaS), Think Beyond has a singular aim: to accelerate your business potential.

Our expert team is guided by the PSR model, defined below as:
P – Philosophy; always working in partnership with you and your senior team to bring about positive change.
S – Science; as firm believers that marketing is a science, not an art, Think Beyond offer data-driven solutions that represent the latest in marketing innovations.
R – ROI; producing measurable results to track your return.

Think Beyond PSR model
Think Beyond operates on Philosophy, Science and ROI

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How To Create a Winning Strategic Marketing Plan

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