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Is Direct Mail the Missing Piece of your Inbound Marketing Mix?

Firstly, we are living in a digital era with more people said to own a mobile phone than a toothbrush [1]. However, direct mail remains one of the most responsive forms of marketing boasting an open rate up to 90% [2].

Yes, 90%. That’s at least treble the average open rate of email at 20-30%.

Direct mail cuts through the digital noise of in app notifications, social media updates and volume commercial ads. Direct mail offers a way to engage with prospects in a personalised, one-to-one manner that creates value. As digital’s quiet and considered cousin, direct mail is easy to understand and importantly, viewed as a more believable and trustworthy medium [3]. These two qualities seem rare with today’s click-bait, embedded content and “fake news”. Direct mail can leave a lasting brand impression and boost revenue as part of your marketing mix.

However, before shifting your digital budget into letters and postcards, read why an integrated direct and digital approach offers the best ROI. We share how to create a united inbound marketing strategy that maximises performance.

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Why direct mail and digital are a marketing mix made in ROI heaven

According to Brand Science Review, multi-channel marketing campaigns including direct mail generated 12% higher ROI than those without [4].

The synergy of digital and direct offers the opportunity to maximise mail’s responsive nature with cost-effective digital tools. You can attract, nurture and convert prospects at every stage of the sales funnel.

By increasing marketing mediums via an integrated multi-channel mix, you benefit from reinforced messaging and increased touch points. As a result, increasing the chances of reaching a prospect via their preferred channel.

In conclusion, direct plus digital makes marketing sense.

How to integrate direct and digital into your marketing campaigns

The options for digital and direct integration are vast. Follow up a direct mail piece with a reminder email. Launch a social influencer campaign with a postcard offer. Track your DM prospects with a specific landing page to remarket using Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

There are many examples but the integration of digital and direct is governed by your data, results and budget. Use past data to understand your customer journey and buyer personas. Specifically, target your content to achieve the right time, right content, right medium mix.

Furthermore, prepare to experiment but measure your results. Agree success metrics and ensure you have relevant tracking in place to determine the ROI of integrated campaigns.

Automating your direct and digital offerings increases your marketing return by sending relevant content once certain milestones or behavioural triggers are reached. Therefore, providing a truly omni-channel approach operating in real-time.

An integrated approach with Think Beyond

Direct mail and digital marketing is not either/or. An effective inbound marketing strategy considers how all mediums combine to provide a cohesive, targeted whole to increase ROI.

The responsive and trusted nature of mail, when combined with the immediacy of digital, creates a strong proposition with clear revenue benefits.

A marketing consultant adds value by combining on and offline campaigns to maximise the marketing tools at your disposal.

Marketing advice from a pro

The marketing experts at Think Beyond help you to take control of inbound marketing. With expertise in automation, best practice and marketing growth, our solutions boost marketing return.

In summary, we work with you, your team and your business to accelerate your marketing.

To find out how direct and digital boosts results, call 01625 682110.

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Is Direct Mail the Missing Piece of your Inbound Marketing Mix?

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