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Micro influencer marketing guide for 2020

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Within the world of influencer marketing there’s a new kid on the block that is racking up conversions across the B2B and B2C landscapes. The name of this powerful and increasingly popular force? Enter the micro influencer.

In today’s “Focus on series” we’ll talk you through the what and why of adopting a micro influencer marketing strategy and answer how a marketing consultant can help your business to get the most out of your influencer marketing campaigns.

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What is micro influencer marketing?

Let’s get straight to it. A micro influencer is typically defined as anyone with between 1,000 – 100,000 followers on social media channels. Micro influencers are well-known in their respective fields and help brands to further their reach in niche areas. Travel writers, food bloggers, a local fitness instructor or even a nearby family therapist could all fall into the definition of a micro influencer. Think influencer marketing but on a smaller scale.

Micro influencer benefits

Why should you consider partnering with micro influencers as part of your 2020 marketing strategy? Look no further than the 3 reasons below:

  • Increased engagement: As highly influential figures within their niche industry (be it beauty, fitness, lifestyle or other), micro influencers command followers that are hyper-engaged and thus, more likely to convert and directly benefit your bottom line.
  • Trust: By keeping their audience pools smaller, micro influencers can better connect with their followers and relate to them on a personal level. Followers feel like peers of the influencer rather than a fan on the sidelines and this builds trust.
  • Cost-effective:  When it comes to marketing return on investment, micro influencer campaigns can offer a cost-effective solution. Recommendations from micro influencers are more likely to be acted upon by 82% of consumers[1] than an average person.

Micro influencer Vs celebrities

But what about celebrity influencers and macro influencers? Can micro influencers really deliver results? If engagement is the name of your game then the answer to this last question is a resounding “yes”. Whilst micro influencers cannot provide the visibility that comes from macro influencers and celebrities, what they lose in reach, they make up for in terms of likes, shares, comments, views and most importantly, trust. Micro influencer engagement rates can be up to 60% higher than their more well-known peers[2].

Furthermore, with micro influencer campaigns often attracting a lower price tag than a similar celebrity campaign, more businesses can ride the micro influencer wave. Yes, even a high street firm of solicitors specialising in conveyancing can get on board by reaching out to micro influencers such as a neighbourhood guide, independent estate agent or local interior designer.

As an affordable marketing solution, brands could even consider partnering with several micro influencers to increase their visibility into key markets through social media outreach, guest blog posts, content syndication best practices and more.

Creating an effective influencer marketing strategy

Spending on influencer marketing will increase in 2020. Latest estimates suggest that businesses will spend $15 billion on influencer campaigns by 2022[3].

To craft an influencer marketing plan that works for your company, choosing the right influencer (micro, macro or celebrity) for the right campaign must come from your digital marketing strategy.

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Micro influencer marketing guide for 2020

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