Affiliate Marketing

If you are looking for new sources of site visitors and you have tried the usual routes, why not try our affiliate marketing services.

Affiliate Marketing for beginners

Advertising that rewards others for bringing visitors to your website. Affiliate networks generate results from their own efforts so you receive customers from a wide variety of sources. Amazon and eBay have their own affiliate programmes to circulate ads so people click through to your site. Seek a trusted partner to bring quality site traffic. There are sources of digital traffic beyond the traditional search engines and newsletters you traditionally target.

In summary, we work with trusted networks to bring you new sources of highly-interested traffic.

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Get started with Affiliate

First of all, we identify an affiliate network that will bring you the right traffic and make signing up as easy as 1-2-3. With performance-related payment, you only pay for the site visitors you receive and the network does the heavy lifting to attract them. It may be useful to use more than one affiliate network for increased audience so they are not mutually exclusive. Yes, your affiliate programme works alongside your existing online advertising and organic views.

Ultimately, you only pay for the right type of site visits so this is a golden opportunity to pay only for what you use.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Affiliate marketing is a marketing process whereby networks of websites bring traffic to your website with advertising and results are paid per visitor.

Affiliate marketing benefits include payment per visitor, cost-effective reach, expanded audience, improved reputation and it is scalable.

Affiliate networks are a great source of new site visitors and a good alternative if you have tried other forms of search marketing or online advertising and see diminishing results. Also, not only do you only pay for the type of visits you need but you get a new audience with high-intent if targeted correctly.

Affiliate marketing can be trusted if it brings you site visitors of the quality you want. The most important feature is the performance-related payment per visitor so you only pay for real visitors.

The best affiliate network depends on the volume and quality of visitors to your website. Larger affiliate brands such as Shopify compete with many smaller, independent networks but all pay on results.

Affiliate networks are a cost-effective and scalable approach that works well when combined with your other digital campaigns. Ultimately, seek new audiences with a strong reputation in the interest areas you seek to bring engaged and relevant site visits.

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