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Neuroscience and marketing, also known as neuromarketing or consumer neuroscience, helps to fine tune marketing messages to your target audience.  Neuromarketing is not taught on marketing courses and we have access to real doctors in neuroscience applied to marketing. Neuroscience helps to overcome bias in traditional marketing research methods.

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Neuromarketing in advertising

Neuromarketing in advertising is especially strong at reducing the risk of failed advertising campaigns and increasing return on investment (ROI). Imagine the advertising budget saved or extra revenue earned because you know that your campaign will work before you launch it publicly. Don’t gamble your precious marketing funds on an untested campaign.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Neuromarketing is the growing field of neuroscience applied to marketing and it helps you to understand how people think, feel and react when exposed to your marketing and advertising.

A neuromarketing experiment costs as much or as little as you want and can range from an offline neuromarketing study to online neuromarketing research with people. The cost of an experiment varies by the number of people, the equipment used, the location and cultures and number of stimuli.

Neuroscience in marketing is mainly used to test the success of product and service launches, the return from an advertising campaign and user experience of a website. Assess the benefit as part of a business case for an advertising campaign, investment in a new website or effectiveness of spend on a marketing channel over a period of time.

Neuroscience in advertising influences buying decisions by using data on the brain’s response to advertising. Using a combination of neuroscience research and neuromarketing experiments, it helps you to predict and to see how prospects are likely to react to your ad campaigns.

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