Market Research

Market research means you understand your market and customers better than anyone to help you succeed. Peter Drucker believed that it is the quintessence of marketing and so do we. We’re here to help.

Market research methods

Firstly, not all research is created equal. The first thought of many is to ‘Google it’ and find the answer. For some purposes, that is okay. But what if a significant business investment or marketing spend relies on a thorough understanding? Time to call in the experts to ensure you have all the information.

Secondly, while it is tempting to do an internet search, the truth is that much of the best industry insight, reports, data and analysis is paid for. Our researchers are also librarians so they know what to do to find the best insights on your industry, using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Ultimately, the more you have riding on the quality of research, the more it makes sense to speak to a specialist.

Primary & secondary research

So, you want to launch a new venture, a new product or enter a new market. Perfect. How do you know that customers are going to buy your products or services in that market?

Primary and secondary market research helps you to establish what will work based on what customers want, buying habits, industry trends, competitor analysis and much more.

Additionally, not only do we support with interviews, surveys and focus groups but we have strength in depth in finding the ‘golden nuggets’ that separate success and failure. Librarians, qualified marketers and exclusive data sources.

In summary, research has value and it costs more not to invest in it to underpin your plans and marketing objectives.

Qualitative and quantitative

Data collection, data analysis and scientific research. Bringing together numerical and non-numerical data from both primary and secondary sources gives you a powerful cross-section of your market.

We may be marketers but we love data, numbers and science. Yes, we also combine traditional market research techniques with neuroscience. This gives you a way of collecting research data that has less bias than traditional primary research.

Also, neuroscience cuts to the chase of what motivates customers, studying how they will respond to new initiatives.

To summarise, we bring together numbers, data and scientific insights to give you exceptional professional insights.

We wanted a Focus but Think Beyond gave us a Mercedes at the same price. Very few UK firms offer market research and neuroscience in one place so we only had one choice.

Chris T

Market research types

We offer primary and secondary including focus groups, interviews, surveys, offline research from paid sources, industry databases and research houses. The ace up our sleeve is neuroscience, giving you scientific tools and studies to predict the reaction to campaigns, new products and more.

Our trained librarians and researchers uncover exceptional insights which are interpreted and played back to you by a qualified marketer. Given that up to 85% of product launches fail and 1 in 3 fail due to lack of marketing support, it pays to ensure you do it right.

In summary, all of our strategic marketing plans are thoroughly researched but we also offer this as a standalone service so that your immediate research needs are met.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Market research is a subset of marketing research and focuses on the wants, needs and beliefs of potential customers. It supports business planning by assessing how a new product or service could be marketed.

Market research comes under two categories: Primary and secondary. Primary research is further sub-divided into qualitative (factual) and quantitative (numerical).

Market research is the main mechanism of assessing your market and the quintessence of marketing according to the late, Peter Drucker. It also allows you to assess what is likely to be the best way to market your proposition to your customers.

Some examples of primary research methods include surveys, focus groups, interviews and neuroscience studies. Secondary methods feature extensive qualitative research and market insights.

You do research by either primary methods focused on customers or secondary methods focused on facts. Both require a combination of research, analytical, numerical and soft skills.

We use a combination of skilled people to provide research services. Our team consists of trained librarians, qualified marketers and neuroscience experts. This gives us the widest range of sources of information, techniques and tools.

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