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Customer Marketing

Acquiring new business can be costly. We go beyond customer acquisition to identify and position new products and services to existing customers, promote customer retention and develop customers into advocates.

A valuable investment in your existing customers, deepening your engagement, relationship and loyalty. Our customer marketing framework, combined with techniques that focus activity on a market of one, increases wallet share and customer lifetime value. Make cross-sell and upsell a key facet of your customer marketing strategy.

The team at Think Beyond use a blend of real knowledge and experience with a level of personalisation that you don't often see.


Customer Experience

Leave the best possible impression with a customer at every touch point with your business. Give customers a positive, lasting impression of your brand and service so that they not only return to you to get the products and services they need, they become brand advocates to others.

Customer journey mapping helps you to map every interaction a customer experiences. When combined with neuroexperience, you have a technique to scientifically measure the emotional response to every interaction.

Frequently asked questions

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Customer marketing focuses beyond the acquisition of customers and develops engagement, increases customer retention and opportunities for cross-sell and upsell.

Acquiring new business can be costly, especially if you have a large customer base or a large range of products and services. Marketing to existing customers can lead to greater return on investment.

Techniques such as customer to customer marketing, customer journey mapping and neuroexperience are ways that marketing can enhance the customer experience.

Customer satisfaction can be measured in a variety of ways from Trustpilot to Net Promoter Score. Customer advocacy programmes seek to increase focus on what is best for your customers.

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