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Set out a researched and detailed plan to achieve your marketing goals with our strategic marketing planning, budget and analytical services.

Marketing planning matters

A strategic marketing plan contains the detailed steps to achieve your marketing goals to support your strategy. It contains the how so that your marketing budget is spent with a clear logic. Additionally, most business plans are heavily focused on the marketing strategy, plan and budget to achieve financial projections. So why is it often a one-pager?

Our marketing plans are crafted by a marketing expert who has created hundreds of them in different industries and company sizes. Rather than a one-page spreadsheet, our plans stretch to as much as 100-pages, delivered with our own specialised framework.

In summary, don’t leave your marketing results to chance, plan and have confidence in the outcome tailored to you.

What a marketing plan means

Firstly, a marketing plan requires lots of research. This equates to a detailed understanding of your market, competitors and customers. We have professional market researchers and paid data sources for exceptional industry insights.

Secondly, planning involves the ‘how’ in terms of targeting – who, with what message and at what time. We get to the heart of what your biggest opportunities are and your plan will focus on how to leverage them effectively.

Thirdly, the budget must be underpinned with what you are going to achieve with this investment. We go much further than entering a big number in a spreadsheet against ‘social’.

Finally, you need a strategic horizon, metrics, analysis, targets, experience, business acumen and an unrivalled framework.

Hold onto your hats and ready yourself for a wow factor, supercharged ride, delivery excellence with amazing results and leadership from a very talented & insightful team.


Strategy + marketing plan = goal success

We offer marketing plans over 1, 3 and 5-year time periods. Our research is comprised of paid industry research, professional librarians and a qualified marketer. We also have expertise from an FD so we ensure that your plans make financial sense and deliver ROI.

Furthermore, we review your value proposition and help you create the KPIs and metrics to measure success. All of our recommendations are tailored to the findings on your business, market and customers so you benefit most. In summary, there are no downloadable templates here.

Finally, if you were seeking a bank loan or external investment, would your investor be satisfied with a one-page budget?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Marketing planning helps you to realise your marketing goals. Without it, you are ‘doing stuff’ and hoping to achieve results. CMOs, boards, investors and owners want to see a marketing plan and how their investment will deliver results.

Firstly, you have many options with a marketing plan. A downloadable template lacks the knowledge, advice, research, strategies and credibility of a strategic marketing plan. We only recommend this for a sole trader who is self-employed.

You need a marketing budget to achieve marketing results. A one-page spreadsheet with months across the top and expenditure items down the side is insufficient for business success and justifying marketing investment.

There are many ways to plan your marketing. It begins with marketing management to arrange your marketing resources to your strategy. Then, you need the detail, justification and outcomes of any marketing expenditure.

A consultant is a great place to start your marketing planning process. If you choose a qualified expert with a wide range of experiences, you will gain a strategic sounding board and knowledge expert to craft a bespoke plan for your business.

A marketing plan in itself does not deliver ROI. The benefits of a plan are that it details how you will deliver, achieve and evaluate the success of your strategy to give you a greater chance of hitting your marketing goals and ROI.

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