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Strategise, plan and grow your marketing revenue with a bespoke Cheshire marketing workshop training course by Think Beyond. Because, skills matter.

Marketing Workshop Training Courses
by Think Beyond of Cheshire

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A documented marketing strategy can grow revenue, because activities and spend are aligned to goals. Delivered to groups of up to 20, Think Beyond’s Cheshire marketing training courses help you to quickly and effectively take control of all aspects of your marketing plan, digital strategy and inbound marketing.

Marketing plan

Learn about aims and goals, target audience, competition, your USP, SWOT, channels, messaging, collaboration, budget and the resulting plan. Write a marketing plan and plan a strategy to grow your business. Therefore, ensure that you stay within budget, know who is responsible for execution and when to deploy.

Research (Market, Competitors and Customers)

Learn how to gain accurate, actionable data-driven insights into your target audience, competitors and environment. We will help guide your research methods, use PESTLE and SWOT analysis and make sense of the results to drive your business forward.

Brand positioning & strategy

Learn about your target market and how you want the target market to perceive the business' brand. Firstly, a business should write its brand positioning statement before starting to market its products or services. Furthermore, formulate a brand strategy statement before creating a brand identity to market products or services.

Be found - content marketing

Learn to plan goals for content marketing, who your target audience is, what content you need for each audience, who will create the content and how will it be published so it will be found.

Marketing metrics

Learn to measure marketing, because it is essential to determine what has been effective to demonstrate the value added by marketing activity. Measurement of marketing should be applied at all stages of planning, helping clarify past, current and potential performance. In summary, enable decisions to be made, implemented and results evaluated.

Social media planning

Learn about goals for social media, target audience and their current behaviour, barriers stopping them behaving how you want and how to change that behaviour.

Are you one of 77% of organisations experiencing a leadership gap? Accelerate your internal leadership pipeline with a tailored workshop training course.

Management versus leadership

A workshop for aspiring leaders, those embarking upon management or need guidance to get the most out of a marketing team. Are you a leader or a manager? What type of personality makes a good leader? What kind of management style do you have? How to drive performance without fear? Ultimately, a good leader may not be a good manager and a good manager may not be a strong leader.

Influencing without authority

A workshop to get your point across, achieve a certain outcome or gain support for ideas. Rank and seniority are not the only forms of authority and are only part of the story. This workshop is for people  new to or aspiring to marketing management and want to increase effectiveness.

Start with why

A workshop to get to the heart of what your brand represents and how it speaks to customers. Why does your business do what it does and do your customers understand why yoy are doing it? Businesses need to connect with customers and communicate a purpose, what they do, their why. As a result, grow revenue and gain loyalty.

Managing for performance

A workshop for new or aspiring marketing managers. 87% of managers wished they had more training before taking on a management role. Are you comfortable with performance management techniques? Do you know what is best practice in performance reviews? How would you deal with an under-performing member of staff? Above all, learn to thrive.

Outsourcing for success

A workshop for marketing teams using third-party agencies to do the job of in-house staff. If you are managing, working with or engaging a third-party provider, managing them is vital to success. In contrast, a ‘fire and forget’ mentality or a culture of ‘them and us’ rarely leads to success and sustained competitive advantage. Even more, outsourcing can add value to your business through lower costs and improved service levels.

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