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Content marketing strategy: Telling your business and product story right

After so much hard work building this year’s strategy, writing a marketing plan and agreeing the budget, the cascade down through programmes, campaigns and activities could so easily be undone by poorly planned and executed content. The wrong message to the wrong prospect/customer at the wrong time, or simply poorly written or conceived, could undermine your efforts and lead to poor conversion or cross/up sell. This can be avoided with a good content marketing strategy as part of your marketing plan.

A content strategy is the process of planning, creating, distributing and analysing the use of content in all its forms against business goals from your marketing plan. An effective content strategy should help you to deliver value and get the most out of your content. However, knowing how to create an effective content plan can seem overwhelming with 63% of businesses currently having no documented strategy in place [1].

To help save you from joining this statistic, the marketing experts at Think Beyond list their content strategy essentials for your marketing plan below.

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Content Marketing Strategy Essentials

Define your goals

Any content strategy should be driven by clearly defined goals which set out what you aim to achieve through your content creation and distribution. Do you want to generate leads? Improve sales? Or educate and raise awareness of your products and brand?

Whatever your goals are, they should be closely aligned with your wider business goals and be both specific and measurable.

Know your audience

Knowing your audience is crucial for content success. After all, content is produced to be consumed. Spend time researching your buyer personas and create in-depth profiles to complement your firmographics. Similarly, research how your personas consume content and where to both inform and adapt your content distribution. A well-researched scholarly article may resonate on LinkedIn but would likely not be suited to the fast-paced (6,000 tweets a minute pace of) Twitter and could easily become lost.

Relate to your USP

Your content should reflect your business voice and clearly align with your unique selling point(s) i.e. your USP. What specific problem does your business solve? How do you do this better than your competitors?

Create evergreen content pieces such as lists, top tips and videos that clearly carve out your niche to generate a return over time and boost your SEO efforts. Complement your evergreen creation with topical posts but do not blindly produce content because a particular topic is trending or because a competitor is gaining attention if you cannot relate this back to the specific solution that your business offers.

Continually review

Analyse content and ask questions such as: is it shareable? Are the calls to action clear? Do the visuals add to and complement the overall message? Similarly, continually analyse how your content appears across devices. You may have produced a wonderful infographic but if it does not display properly on mobile, then the end result will be user frustration.

For a content strategy to be successful, constant review is essential to ensure that you are delivering value against your predetermined KPIs.

How to create the right content strategy

With content creation accounting for 26% of total marketing spend in B2B companies [2], getting your content strategy right is crucial. Done properly, content is able to generate leads, educate prospects to increase your brand awareness, and ultimately, produce revenue in the form of conversions.

Done wrong, a content strategy will not only waste precious budget targeting the wrong personas, it will detract from your value and fail to answer your USP, turning away sales rather than generating them.

That’s where Think Beyond can help. Our qualified marketers are experts in advising on content plans that work. We will partner with you to create a clearly-defined strategy that aligns content creation to your marketing plan, targets specific buyer personas with your value proposition and measures results against performance criteria. Our aim is to take your content strategy further and deliver profitable customer action.

If you’d like to know more about how Think Beyond can help you deliver to your marketing plan, call 01625 682110.

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Content marketing strategy: Telling your business and product story right

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