The Allegory of Think Beyond

The Allegory of Think Beyond

Think Beyond partners with you and your business to help you think differently and accelerate your business potential.

Think Beyond is a philosophy-inspired marketing consultancy based in Cheshire. Inspired by founder Mercè Cozens’ love of the philosophical and, in particular, Plato. Read Wikipedia’s description of the Allegory of the Cave to find out more.

Think Beyond seeks to inspire change in others; to grow sales, to create automation that works, to take your inbound marketing further and to enhance your digital presence. At the centre of Think Beyond’s narrative is a commitment to question, illuminate and generate change – a Platonic passion brought forward and applied to today’s business world.

Getting Greek – Plato’s Allegory of the Cave

Plato’s Allegory of the Cave is born of a simple premise. Firstly, prisoners trapped within a cave from birth have no knowledge of the outside world or the form of things. Shadows on the prison wall form their reality.

Suddenly, a prisoner escapes and is able to see the world itself, realising that he shadows he saw previously were but mere illusions. He vows to return to the cave to free his fellow men. However upon his return to the cave he is blinded by sunlight. Plato surmises that his fellow prisoners would infer the man’s blindness as proof that harm lies outside of the cave and remain trapped within the cave’s confines.

Think Beyond – Passion thought out

Today’s business world is Plato’s cave.

The shadows are existing business, sales and marketing strategies. These are the commonplace, accepted realities of the business environment.

Escaping these confines is to think anew and see your business from a new angle; to embrace change and the benefits it can bring. In conclusion, this is precisely what can be achieved by working with Think Beyond.

Our strategists will help you and your team to see how to improve your sales to reach beyond targets; how to get to your customers first through effective inbound marketing; how to increase ROI and foster loyalty through digital strategies and how to automate your processes for business efficiency. Furthermore, Think Beyond’s strategies are designed to accelerate your business potential and take you further, to take you beyond. It’s not Greek, it’s business consultancy for today’s challenging conditions.

Is your business ready to Think Beyond?

If you want to see beyond the shadows and illuminate your business with Think Beyond’s proven insights, break the chains by getting in touch with one of our strategists today.

In summary, Think Beyond have the key to unlock your business potential.

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The Allegory of Think Beyond

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