Tips for sales success

Tips for Sales Success by Think Beyond

Firstly, Think Beyond presented at the De Vere Venues, Wychwood Park, Crewe, hosted by the FSB. Our distinguished host for the morning was FSB Membership Advisor Darren Gallimore. As the guest speaker on the day, our Think Beyond founder, Mercè Cozens, presented her ‘Top 5 Tools to Improve Sales in 2019’. This supports the theme of helping small businesses with tips for sales success in 2019.

Attended by FSB members and non-members from the North West, audience members said the event was insightful and practical. It offered actionable insights into marketing automation, being digitally smart and using data combined with AI to drive sales.

“Simple and yet highly effective advice that you can use straight away,” surmised one attendee.

Other audience members praised Mercè’s “enthusiastic” and “passionate” delivery, adding that “Mercè you were the most enjoyable part.”

About the FSB

The Federation of Small Businesses has supported small businesses across the UK for over 40 years. The FSB provides a wide range of services such as financial expertise, support, networking and a powerful voice in government. Run by experts, FSB is not for profit. Members of the FSB can access a range of benefits, some of which may be included in the price of membership.

About Think Beyond

Think Beyond is a Cheshire marketing consultancy agency borne of a vision: to help you and your team think differently to achieve your marketing potential. Our six service areas: marketing strategy, digital marketing, lead generation, inbound marketing, marketing automation and marketing training. In summary, we work in partnership to deliver bespoke solutions that protect your bottom line.

If you are a small business and want to speak to an expert, call now on 01625 682110 or email

Also, to read more about our work with the Federation of Small Businesses.

Finally, you can browse our testimonials to see how we help sales success.

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Tips for Sales Success by Think Beyond

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