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Top 5 Tools to Improve Sales in 2019

Today’s business world is sell or sink. As a seemingly never-ending tsunami of competition threatens to overwhelm your efforts, what steps can you take as a business to stay ahead of the wave and land your sales ashore? Read on to find out the marketing experts at Think Beyond’s top tools to improve sales.

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Take 5: How to improve sales in 2019

  1. Funnel for facts

Determining how you attract prospects, why and when they convert (or not) is vital for sales survival.

Take time on funnel analysis to identify where your leads come from, determine what percentage of prospects convert to Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs) and ask why you are winning or losing deals.

A thorough funnel analysis will provide your business with insights into your customer base and help identify areas of drop-off so that you can implement change. Therefore, increase and sustain your overall conversion rate to grow your sales.

  1. Be digitally smart

Your digital health directly feeds your sales wealth.

An effective digital marketing strategy should optimise each touch point in the customer journey through an informed use of multichannel, helping you to reach the right persona at the right time through the right medium.

The sheer range of channels – Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Pay-Per-Click (PPC), social media, email, video – can seem overwhelming. Delivering and developing your message digitally is key if you want to attract prospects and nurture them through to sale.

To be digitally smart, you should also continually evolve and monitor your digital performance.

Many businesses overlook mobile functionality to their (sales) peril even though recent studies have shown that mobile is now the main channel for primary customer engagement [1].

  1. Automate for success

Automation can help enhance your sales strategy and deliver business efficiency. From data capture to campaign scheduling, automating your sales process saves time and money, allowing you to tailor the experience to the user. Ultimately, this creates a personalised proposition that is more likely to lead to a sales conversion.

Imagine no bad quality data or disappearing leads, self-sufficient email cycles that provide relevant, timely and personalised interaction – this could be your reality with automation.

  1. Enable your sales team

Does your sales team have the necessary tools to sell at a higher velocity? In today’s ‘customer is king’ world, it is vital that your sales team understand to whom they are selling and have the resources (e.g. content) to optimise each interaction through to close.

Sales enablement delivers value to your sales efforts by creating a scalable, repeatable way to go beyond your sales targets.

  1. Predictive marketing

Attract, nurture and grow valuable sales propositions with predictive analytics.

Predictive technologies take AI-powered machine learning algorithms to determine which future marketing actions have the greatest chance of success, bringing you tomorrow’s customers today. Want to be able to predict when a prospect is likely to convert; turn a one-off purchaser into a repeat customer or reengage with a prospect just before they unsubscribe? With predictive technologies all of the above can be achieved, helping to improve and protect your sales performance.

Think Beyond help with improving sales

First of all, improving your sales requires more than a bag of tools. What you need are the right tools and the right expert for the job.

At Think Beyond, we understand that no two businesses are the same. The sales challenges and opportunities you face are as individual as your business. That’s why our strategists team up with you to identify, develop and implement a bespoke sales solution.

Think Beyond has a proven track record in helping businesses not only improve but surpass their sales targets. Our specialists have the /our-services/lead-generation/sales-funnels/‘tools of the trade’ required to help you gain insights into funnel data, create a digital plan, introduce automation, enable your sales teams and deploy predictive marketing.

To find out how Think Beyond accelerates your sales potential, complete a quick contact form or call 01625 682110.

Don’t leave it until 2019 to get in touch, let’s make a start on getting tomorrow’s sales today.

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Top 5 Tools to Improve Sales in 2019

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