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Focus on Series: Web content syndication best practices

First of all, imagine that your business produces great online content. You blog regularly, post unique content, share your work across multiple social media channels (both business and personal) and you even re-purpose your published material. The result is little web traffic and few actionable leads so if this sounds like you, web content syndication could hold the answer. Part 5 of our “focus on” series delves into the what and why behind web content syndication and offers tips for a successful syndication plan.

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What is content syndication?

Content syndication isn’t new and is widely used across printed media.

For digital marketing, content syndication is the republishing of your web-based content on a third-party website. The republished material can be in any digital content form such as a blog, infographic, a video or other. Similarly, the syndicated content can be of any length – your work may be reproduced in full, shortened or a small except chosen for (re)publication.

In any and all instances, you are credited as the author. Web content syndication best practices dictate that the syndicated piece contains a rel=canonical tag to signal to search engines where the original content lies. This helps to avoid any SEO issues around duplicated content in Google’s eyes and allows you to receive the linking benefits from the syndicated copy.

Why syndicate content online?

So, why should you bother with content syndication? The answer is that it brings web traffic. Syndicating content online is a proven method for driving more visitors to your site and increasing reach to a wider audience.

Firstly, a third-party site publishes your blog article for their web audience. Secondly, the article is shared with their social media followers. Thirdly, content is shared with their email base too. By strategically connecting with the right sites and the right industry influencers, you can get your content (and products or services) in front of target personas like never before.

Offering more scalable results than guest blogging, many companies embrace web content syndication for brand awareness and thought leadership benefits. Additionally, many firms use content syndication as a core lead generation tactic, with one B2B survey suggesting 65%.

Are there any drawbacks?

Republishing your content online has pitfalls. Some content syndicators and syndication networks ask for exclusivity and you must weigh up if the gain outweighs restricting your reach (even if it lasts for a few weeks).

On the reverse, no exclusivity period is not a guarantee of success. Specifically, increased traffic from syndicated sources is great but the quality must be monitored. It is easy to get caught up in vanity metrics and overlook how visits support your wider content and digital marketing strategy.

Think Beyond’s web content syndication do’s and don’ts

To help you stay on track, check out our content syndication strategy best practices below:


  • Know your ideal customer and buyer personas.
  • Spend time researching prospective syndication sites, syndication networks and influencers to help ensure best fit.
  • Benchmark your competitors: where do they republish? Do they use news networks, industry guides etc?
  • Make content syndication a strategic priority.


  • Adopt a one size fits all approach: repurpose and revise your copy according to audience targeting.
  • Launch your content syndication plan without the correct KPIs to measure results.
  • Give up after one attempt – analyse, learn and test again.
Where to get help with your content marketing strategy

What does your content marketing strategy look like? How will you tackle web content syndication?

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Focus on Series: Web content syndication best practices

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