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Marketing Strategy 2019: Do you have yours?

First of all, as we move into the final quarter of 2018, marketing and sales directors are already turning their thoughts to the marketing strategy 2019.

Who are my customers? Where does my brand sit in the market? Will content still be king in my marketing campaigns? Are just some of the questions that are being bandied around boardrooms up and down the country.

To help you keep ahead of the curve and take control of your marketing strategy, our digital marketers assembled a short guide.

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How to create an effective marketing strategy for your business

  • Audit

Firstly, audit. It looks and sounds like such a non-descript word but taking stock of your current position is the key to creating a successful marketing strategy.

Analyse the results from past inbound marketing performance against KPIs in order to identify areas for change. What is your businesses’ conversion rate from SAL to SQO? What percentage of leads don’t convert and why? How do you reward customer loyalty?

  • Research

Secondly, much like auditing, effective and targeted research is the foundation of business marketing strategy. This applies whether you are a start-up of 1 or an established venture of 1,000.

Conduct PESTLE and SWOT analysis to determine your macro environment and identify internal threats and weaknesses plus external threats and opportunities. Has an emerging competitor taken a share of your market?

Never overlook your customers. Your research methodology should focus on understanding who your prospects are and your brand positioning to get ahead of the competition.

  • Plan

Thirdly, a clearly defined marketing plan should funnel all the insights from your research and set targets for the coming year, providing a blueprint for success.

A plan is your chance to capitalise on growth opportunities and set out your inbound marketing channels. Search engine optimisation, PPC, blogs, events, email, affiliate marketing and social media. How do these channels factor into your brand’s success? What interaction will you have with prospects and customers at various touch points?

  • Implement

Fourthly, you’ve audited, researched and planned your marketing strategy. Now comes the next (fun) part – implementation.

Be clear in your expectations and communicate your plan clearly to all involved. Track your success and be prepared to adapt. An emerging trend could mean returning to audit, research and planning stages to capitalise on opportunities, continually evolving your brand and marketing.

Why it is important in 2019 (and beyond)

Today’s business world is rapid and changeable. Without a clear marketing strategy based on past performance, researched behaviours, detailed inbound marketing channels with excellent execution, you may be left behind. Left behind by your customers, spending on channels that do not convert and leaving your prospects to the competition.

The above strategy of audit – research – plan – implement has proven results again and again with Think Beyond’s experts. Our dedicated marketing  team understand that every business is unique that’s why we aim to partner with you to help you accelerate your marketing potential.

Resolve to contact Think Beyond

In summary, don’t wait until the new year to get in touch. Find out how we can partner with your business to get your marketing strategy working for 2019, contact Think Beyond.

Finally, Think beyond is more than a marketing consultancy service. We are digital marketing experts who help with auditing to research to planning and implementing an effective marketing strategy.

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Marketing Strategy 2019: Do you have yours?

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