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Why Hire a Chartered Marketer?

Firstly, marketing is the engine room of a business; delivering leads, converting prospects and driving revenue. With over two thirds of B2B businesses currently outsourcing some or all of their marketing requirements [1], hiring the right digital, inbound, social or strategic professional is vital if you want to fuel your business fire. A Chartered Marketer offers several distinct business advantages. As highly skilled professionals committed to best practice and innovation, CIM qualified individuals take your business further.

If you are considering hiring a marketing professional, evaluating agencies or looking at existing outsourcing relationships, read on. Find out exactly what a Chartered Marketer is and how you benefit from employing a CIM qualified expert.

If you’d like to speak with a Chartered Marketer direct, call Think Beyond 01625 682110 for a no obligation chat.

What is a Chartered Marketer?

As defined by the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Chartered Marketer status “recognises those marketers achieving the highest level in our [the marketing] profession [2].”

Achieved via a combination of experience and qualifications, the award is the “mark of an up-to-date, experienced and qualified marketing professional [3].”

Furthermore, there are currently 3,000 individuals with Chartered Marketer status worldwide.

The advantages of partnering with a CIM accredited professional

With real-life, hands on experience in their trade and always up-to-date knowledge of marketing trends, Chartered Marketers can offer your business a clear competitive advantage.

Yes, a degree is a great start but a Chartered Marketer keeps up to date with the latest marketing innovations via CPD. Assessment for the CIM qualification depends upon constant continuous professional development ensuring we stay aware of industry trends.

This commitment to innovation can prove vital in certain fields such as digital marketing where the pace of change is rapid.

CIM qualified marketing consultants also provide vital strategic support not found in a specialist agency alone. An SEO, PPC or social agency complete tasks, if there is no clear link to your wider business goals, the results are likely to fall short. Ultimately, this proves costly in terms of both revenue and time. With the average cost of retaining a marketing agency in Cheshire ranging between £1,200 – £5000 a month, annually this could add up to a £60,000 investment.

By first partnering with a marketing consultant, businesses can avoid unnecessary economic leakage. A qualified consultant will work with your senior team to audit your current performance and develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that offers the best ROI.

The strategic insights generated by a consultant may determine that marketing requirements can be fulfilled in another way. Furthermore, it opens opportunities to restructure internal teams or deploy automation at a lower cost than an agency on a retainer basis.

How the chartered marketers at Think Beyond can help you

With more and more businesses choosing to outsource their marketing requirements, the question becomes, “Who to hire?”. The list of candidates can seem daunting with agencies, graduates and freelancers all vying for the same position or contract.

Why hire a Chartered Marketer? Perhaps the best answer is can you afford not to? Chartered Marketers are highly skilled and experienced professionals with their finger firmly on the marketing pulse. Able to also strategically support your business, working with a CIM qualified marketing consultant goes beyond mere fulfilment. This is marketing outsourcing that delivers real, workable marketing insights that protects your bottom line.

At Think Beyond, our marketing consultants and Chartered Marketers deliver bespoke marketing solutions to businesses in the North West and throughout the UK. Always working with and alongside your team, we have a simple aim: to accelerate your marketing potential.

In summary, call 01625 682110 or email to discuss your business growth through marketing.

Also, you can book a free one hour chat by submitting your contact details online or read more about why you need to hire a qualified marketer.

Finally, why not see the full range of marketing strategy support services we provide such as a marketing consultant.

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Why Hire a Chartered Marketer?

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