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A multi award-winning management consultancy that exists to support senior leaders in achieving the business performance that you need. We do this via our value-add solutions covering research, planning and change services to enable your accelerated time to value.

Think Beyond is a multi award-winning management consultancy that provides value add solutions to help you grow, find new opportunities and increase business performance. Our services cover Research, Plan, Change and Enable to increase value creation. So, if you are seeking a critical friend, market insight or better business outcomes, we offer you impartial, expert support.

We offer a range of value add services to give you deeper insights, enhance your strategic planning, deliver your change or enable your solution. Our customers are businesses from SME to blue chip. Our points of contact are CEOs, boards, owners or senior management. We also have deep expertise in software, technology, manufacturing, engineering, automotive and construction. 

Research, Plan, Change, Enable

Our services are designed to support senior leaders in achieving the business performance that you need. Sometimes, despite your best intentions, you simply can’t get things done or the information you need to make sound decisions. But, to whom do you turn? Maybe you want localised support or you need help now. Maybe you don’t want a pan-organisational programme that takes 6-12 months to see a change in results. Perhaps you are also pursuing the sum of marginal gains rather than focusing on a few ‘big bets’. So, the next time you need support in finding answers, seeking assurance, needing advisory or wanting someone to assist you, why not Think Beyond?


Our research services cover surveys, neuroscience and market analysis. 

Firstly, our surveys range from consumers to leaders or something bespoke. Get the answers you need and also test new ideas, products or changes before you commit. If you need answers, why not start here?

Secondly, our award-winning neuroscience services improve response to brands, campaigns, experiences and packaging. Furthermore, neuroscience virtually eliminates bias in research so that you can take decisive action. So, why not answer what other research cannot?

Thirdly, our market analysis services provide industry insights for market sizing, profiling and intelligence to identifying growth opportunities. Additionally, we like to create insight and present it back to you to help you digest the results and make the best decision for your business.


Our planning services help you to unlock value and opportunities with strategies, frameworks and assurance.

Strategic planning helps you unlock new opportunities, capitalise on areas of growth and select the best outcomes. We also make sure that expectations are realistic and that you are set up for success. So, why not align your goals to new opportunities and your capabilities?

Before launching any programme, especially if the stakes are high, it deserves a thorough plan. Whether you have a busy team and don’t have the time or need support to make the most of the opportunity, we can help.

Finally, it helps from time to time to seek an external view. All businesses have hidden issues, constraints, untapped capabilities and opportunities. So, why not gain assurances that your business is in tip-top shape?


Our change services help to deliver increased business performance. 

Firstly, if you need a sounding board, a critical friend, a pair of hands or a specialist, why not try a management consultant? We love data, numbers and deep-dive diagnostics to get to the heart of how you operate.

Secondly, if you need to free up time to add more value, save money to reinvest or to increase the quality and value delivered to customers, why not also embark on change? We leverage lean, Six Sigma (and other) techniques to accelerate your performance through your people, processes, technology and partners.

Thirdly, one issue for leaders is growing leads. This is the lifeblood of many businesses and drives financial performance. So, if you need more leads, more efficiency, larger deals or more conversion, call now.


The last stop on the journey is our enable services.

Our reporting services help you with planning, measuring performance, sustainability and insights for better decision-making. Report on greenhouse gases, create dashboards, KPIs, measure contribution and also look at analytics and how to get the best business intelligence.

Our content services support your key programmes to deliver the best value. After all, it makes little sense not to plan and even less to deliver the wrong content at the wrong time to the wrong audience. We also offer advice on automation at scale.

Finally, we offer workshops for strategic planning, value proposition, business troubleshooting, team management and more. We support your business growth and also the personal growth of your teams.

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