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We offer value add solutions to boards and senior leaders to identify new opportunities and accelerate business performance. Find out how.

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A different perspective

Plato’s allegory of the cave from The Republic:

Firstly, Socrates asks Glaucon to imagine a cave where people were imprisoned from birth. In this cave, men are bound and only see the wall ahead of them and no-one else. Shadows of the real world cast from a raging fire are their sole reality.

Secondly, after some time a prisoner is granted freedom and glimpses the outside world. As a result, the freed prisoner gives thanks for his blessings and enlightenment and sets forth to bring the other prisoners out into the light.

Plato’s allegory demonstrates the importance of change and so seeing things anew. Let us peruse your market, your customers, your plans and processes for better outcomes.

Philosophy applied today

The shadows are existing business, finance and marketing strategies. The cave is the reality we know until we see a different approach.

By working with us we support innovation so clients see further than the shadows on the wall. Why does it matter? Because our model finds new opportunities for growth, better approaches that add value and changes that increase business performance.

You don’t have to be a prisoner so get in touch today for better business outcomes.

Finally, see how we benefit your business.

Read more about our philosophy here.

Solving your business & marketing problems

Mercè is from Catalunya and has lived in the UK for 20 years. She is a former Marketing Director with a passion for learning, driving performance and loves philosophy. Her motivation comes from finding new opportunities. Mercè is also adept at ways to grow your revenue and margin, owning the top of the value stick to increase customers’ willingness to pay.

As a level 7 Chartered Marketer, Mercè believes in ‘professionalising’ marketing. Mercè once increased marketing contribution by 344% without spending a penny more. Furthermore, the UK sales team delivered the highest ever average revenue per person. She also found a +3,000% increase in opportunity for one client.

Mercè tenaciously pursues business performance and gets a real kick from finding growth opportunities for clients. On a final note, Mercè is a subject matter expert in ABM, sales and marketing alignment and research.


Co-founder, Principal Consultant


Co-founder, Principal Consultant

Solving your management & finance problems

Steven is an ex-Finance Director with over 20 years’ experience from a 50 FTE SME to a 130,000 FTE blue-chip. Steven has worked with boards and non-finance teams from sales to operations and commercial to compliance.

His experience includes insurance, retail, legal, IT and telecoms. Steven delivers strategic planning, transformation, CX and neuroscience (with our doctors). He is also responsible for finance, HR, operational, IT, legal, procurement and customer support. His motivation comes from creating structure where there is none, accelerating business performance and improving business outcomes.

Steven relentlessly pursues continuous improvement. So, would you like support with change, saving time, saving money, improving quality, customer experience or employee experience? Steven is a subject matter expert on strategic planning, change management, neuroscience and financial processes.

"Bring a different perspective and let an outside view peruse your market, customers, plans and processes. Seek opportunities and solve problems with external experts. Finally, get the performance you need with our support to reform your business for better outcomes."

Quote from Steve Cozens

"It was a special experience"

Working with the board to design and implement a high-performance ABM programme.

"Focused business people"

Working with a director to influence the planning approach.

"They challenged us"

Working with business owners to change their approach to marketing.

"Valued business augmenters"

Working with the board on a data science-driven approach to performance.

"They went above and beyond"

Working with the CMO to deploy neuroscience research in a large CPG business.

Focused on business performance

Think Beyond is an award-winning management consultancy. From our offices in Cheshire, we offer value add solutions for boards and senior leaders to find new growth opportunities and accelerate business performance.

Our philosophy, from Plato’s allegory, is one of helping businesses to think differently to find new opportunities. Our specialist frameworks include elements of science and AI, which combined with a focus on numbers, form our value add solutions. Our results stem from the translation of targets into actions that achieve the right outcomes and accelerate business performance.

This approach helps corporates to research, plan and change their approach to enable accelerated time to value.

A management consultancy

With board-level expertise in business, finance and marketing, we live and breathe performance. In our careers, we had a firm focus on numbers and results. Ultimately, we strive for continuous improvement and achieved revenue and/or profit growth in every role we had.

Since setting up Think Beyond in 2018, we have worked with marketers through to CEOs and owners. We are a people business and relationships are our fuel. Our primary audience is private sector businesses from 50-50,000 FTE though we do occasionally go where our skills are in most need. Additionally, we never seek to replace what you already have, only to augment and enhance your business.

So, there you have it. We enjoy working in businesses, have a proven track record and work with integrity. Why wait?

Get the performance you need from your business with Think Beyond.