Our Philosophy - Thinking beyond_

Think Beyond is founded on an ethos of creating measurable, managed change that adds value to you, your team and business.

Working with us

Our team strives to achieve excellence in all we do. Think Beyond’s mission statement is simple: we partner with your business and your staff to help your team think differently to accelerate your potential.

Think Beyond’s ethos is inspired by philosophy, specifically, Plato’s allegory of the cave, with a commitment to illuminate and generate change for the better – a Platonic vision brought forward and applied to today’s business world.

We believe in philosophy, do you?

Our Greek Philosophical Roots

Have you ever heard of Plato’s allegory of the cave? Read the summary of Plato’s cave below and discover what philosophy means to Think Beyond.

Plato begins by having Socrates ask Glaucon to imagine a cave where people have been imprisoned from birth. In this cave, men are bound and only able to see the wall ahead of them and no-one else. Shadows of the real world cast from a raging fire become the only reality. 

After some time, one prisoner is granted freedom and can see the real world outside of the shadows. Once enlightened, the freed prisoner gives thanks for his blessings and sets forth to bring the other prisoners out into the light. 

Plato’s allegory demonstrates the importance of change, of seeing things anew. This Platonic passion forms the basis of Think Beyond’s own philosophy. 

Today’s business world is Plato’s cave.

The shadows are existing business, sales and marketing strategies. These are the commonplace, accepted realities of the business environment.

By working with Think Beyond, our strategists will help you and your team to see further than the shadows on the wall. Our proven strategies deliver results, fast.

Don’t be a prisoner – Get in touch with Think Beyond and let’s work together to discover how to improve your sales to reach beyond targets; how to get to your customers first through effective inbound marketing; how to increase ROI and foster loyalty through digital strategies and how to automate your processes for business efficiency.

Inspired by Think Beyond’s journey? 

You can read more about our philosophy here.




Connect with Mercè

About our founder

Mercè has a passion for learning, pushing the envelope and also has a great interest in philosophy. Her three core values are: trust, authenticity and honesty. Mercè is motivated by developing talent, helping people grow and building partnerships with others.

Proven Track Record 

An innovative, successful, chartered marketer with a career history of developing business strategies, growing revenue and driving profitability, Mercè has garnered a series of awards including: Employee of the year 2013, Exceptional High Performer 2014, award winner 2015, talent programme 2016, board member in 2017 and founded Think Beyond in 2018.

Her strong business, organisational, digital and creative skills have resulted in multiple examples of breakthrough thinking in marketing with both large enterprise and fast growing businesses. 

Mercè’s proven track record in running successful end-to-end, digital multi-touch programmes has created, accelerated and supported revenue opportunities for both new and existing customers. Similarly, her development of customer-centric marketing strategies for multiple companies have resulted in increased engagement with target audiences and improved customer advocacy. At all times, Mercè remains focused on processes and driving best practice end-to-end lead management – with deep domain expertise in marketing automation, CRM and social platforms.

The Journey

  • Masters in Eloqua 10 and Revenue Performance Management – marketing
  • CIM Professional Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing
  • Masters (MSc) International Business
  • Degree (BSc Hons) Business Studies & Marketing Management
  • Degree (BSc Hons) in Public Management & Admin

If you feel inspired by Mercè’s journey and would like new ideas and inspiration for your business we highly encourage you to give her a call. 

“Think Beyond has taken our company to new heights. With a combination of clever thinking and a wealth of marketing experience, both on and offline they have grown my company. Their philosophy is simple, their expertise is just what we needed.”