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Progress and outcomes matters to boards so get professional support with sustainability reporting, dashboards, analytics, financial modelling, forecasts, post-implementation reviews and KPIs.

Business reports and insights

There are many reasons why reporting matters. Boards and senior leaders need information on which to base decisions. Investors and lenders need forecasts on which to assess business performance. Society demands action on climate change and sustainability to meet net zero targets by 2050.

Whatever the need, it helps to have support just a phone call away. So, if you need to measure greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, apply for a certification as a sustainable business or just to support your planning exercise, we can help. We also support marketers with performance reporting to track campaign return on investment, brand performance and CX.

Use cases:

1) Sustainability
2) Performance
3) Post-implementation reviews
4) Analytics
5) Forecasting
6) Scenario modelling

Strategic reporting needs

Not all reporting is considered mundane. Yes, there are reports that are tactical, such as website traffic. However, many boards want to see forecasts and scenario modelling to support business cases, AOP, MTP or LTP exercises. They also want to retrospectively review outcomes with PIRs.

With ambitious challenges to meet net zero carbon emissions by 2050, companies are feeling pressure to show progress. Furthermore, investors and lenders now require insight into sustainability commitments before providing finance. So, make sure you have the skills, tools and support to provide critical insights, fulfil obligations and obtain accreditations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Reporting is the gathering, processing, analysing and presentation of data as information and insights to support business decision making.

Sustainability reporting is the collection of data on emissions, the calculation of greenhouse gases impacting the environment and the reporting of progress towards the reduction of those gases.

In the world of big data, translating these data points into useful information and uncovering insights that enable business decisions is increasingly required and challenging. Analytics help businesses to process large amounts of data and tools, dashboards and modelling helps to uncover points of action.

Businesses cannot survive without management information, business intelligence, forecasts, analytics and dashboards. Ultimately, boards need to see and measure outcomes and marketers need to justify their expenditure.

We work with B Corporation to provide support to businesses to attain accreditation as good, sustainable and social value businesses. We also support measurement and reporting under the GHG Protocol to monitor and reduce greenhouse gases.

Our reporting services help businesses with planning, from the AOP to MTP and LTP. This requires a good understanding of business performance to forecast and model scenarios over the longer term. If the underlying insight does not exist, this is also something that we support to enable better business outcomes.

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