Market Analysis

Market analysis gives you insight into opportunities and initiatives to increase performance. From secondary research to industry reports, market profiling to competitor intelligence, we are here to help.

Market analysis methods

Firstly, not all research is created equal. The first thought of many is to ‘Google it’ and find the answer. For some purposes, that is okay. But what if a significant business investment or diversification relies on a thorough understanding? Time to call in the experts to ensure you have all the information.

Secondly, while it is tempting to do an internet search, the truth is that much of the best industry insight, reports, data and analysis is paid for. Our researchers are also librarians so they know what to do to find the best insights on your industry, using qualitative and quantitative research methods.

Ultimately, the more you have riding on the quality of research, the more it makes sense to speak to a specialist.

Primary & secondary research

So, you want to launch a new venture, a new product or enter a new market. Perfect. How do you know that customers are going to buy your products or services in that market?

Primary and secondary market research helps you to establish what will work based on what customers want, buying habits, industry trends, competitor analysis and much more.

Additionally, we have strength in depth in finding the ‘golden nuggets’ that separate success and failure. Librarians, researchers and exclusive data sources.

In summary, research has value and it costs more not to invest in it to underpin your plans and achieve your objectives.

Qualitative and quantitative

Data collection, analysis and scientific research. Bringing together numerical and non-numerical data from both primary and secondary sources gives you a powerful cross-section of your market, industry, competitors and customers.

We are consultants and we love data, numbers and science. Yes, we also combine traditional research techniques with neuroscience. This gives you a way of collecting research data that has less bias than traditional primary research.

To summarise, we bring together numbers, data and scientific insights to give you exceptional professional insights.

Use cases:

1) Product launches
2) Entering new markets
3) Prioritise target accounts
4) Support business planning
5) Identify growth opportunities
6) Market sizing

Market analysis uses

Our trained librarians and researchers uncover exceptional insights which are interpreted and played back to you by a consultant. Yes, that’s right, we don’t just send you a report.

Up to 85% of product launches fail, which is costly. Entering new markets is notoriously difficult and high-risk. It also costs 6x as much to acquire a customer as to retain one so it pays to prioritise. We use our Growth Factor framework to prioritise your target accounts as part of your approach to lead gen.

In summary, we advocate starting with strategy and goals but then building plans to achieve them that are supported with research and market analysis. We also address your immediate research needs, especially for busy boards.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Market analysis is research that focuses on a thorough understanding of your market, industry, competitors and customers. It also tends to be more analytical and quantitative than customer research.

You can use market analysis to support decision-making, underpin business plans, prioritise investments and to identify new growth opportunities.

We have access to a wide range of industry sources, mostly paid, from which we draw data and insights to form your research report. Simply ask us for more information.

Market profiling is a piece of research and analysis that identifies the size and make up of your target market(s). This often includes profiles of the companies to target with sales and marketing. We also help to prioritise them with our growth factor framework.

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