Ensure your business plans, organisational structure, processes, governance, financial control and marketing are delivering at their best.

Business assurance services

An assurance engagement with Think Beyond ensures that everything operates at it’s best. From your business plan to your organisational structure, from governance to financial control, from processes to marketing, we offer advice and guidance to improve outcomes.

With our structured approach and in-depth expertise in business, finance and marketing, we leave no stone unturned to identify areas of improvement. Not only do we make recommendations based on our findings, but we also add some of our own opinions from other businesses and our past experience. So, if you want to optimise, increase efficiency, boost productivity, raise performance, enhance internal controls or simply professionalise your business, we can help.

Use cases:

1) Business governance
2) Financial control
3) Business performance
4) Productivity
5) Marketing contribution
6) Process improvement

Functional assurance

If you are confident in your overall business plan, structure, governance and control, why not take a look at how to optimise in other areas. Are you appropriately managing and monitoring business performance? Are you getting the most out of your brand and marketing efforts? How about a check on productivity before you decide to hire more staff?

Whatever the need, we get into the detail of your plans, procedures and performance to find areas of improvement and report back to you. The results may offer anything from ideas for process improvement, changes to teams and roles, financial benefits, linking marketing effort to contribution and lead programmes. In summary, deploy us to give assurance and peace of mind that your business is in tip-top shape.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Assurance gives business owners, investors and senior management a positive declaration of confidence in the performance of their business.

There are a number of descriptions that are appropriate depending on the circumstances. We offer process reviews, governance audits, marketing health checks, brand audits and more. In all cases, the objective is to increase confidence in business performance.

We offer audits such as a strategy audit, a function audit, systems audit, productivity audit, environment audit, brand audit, internal controls audit and much more. In some cases, we review entire functions or business processes impacting multiple functions.

The key benefits of assurance are confidence, positive confirmation and enhancement to assure businesses that strategies, plans, functions, processes and controls deliver on your goals and to the optimal level of performance.

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