Our workshops provide essential skills training, problem-solving hot house opportunities or bespoke courses to suit you and your people.

Workshops for leaders

The role of leadership is to set direction, goals and culture so that a business can achieve the triple bottom-line of profit, people and planet. A leader must also build a strong team of different skills and personalities that is diverse and inclusive. With hectic schedules and pressing priorities, it makes sense to seek external facilitation for strategic workshops.

Strategic planning ensures that the organisation is heading in the right direction towards up-to-date goals. The operating model ensures that the organisation has what it needs to get there. In summary, we can support your planning needs and contribute our thoughts to the discussion to add value.

Use cases:

1) Strategic planning
2) Value proposition
3) Business troubleshooting
4) Continuous improvement
5) Brand coherence
6) Customer experience
7) Management & leadership
8) Diversity, equality and inclusion

Business training workshops

All businesses have a range of challenges. There may be a pressing issue today, but rest assured that there is also inefficiency and hidden issues. We support senior business professionals with workshops to troubleshoot business issues and recommend solutions so that they move forward.

We also offer coaching and development workshops to enhance your proposition, customer and employee experience and continuous improvement. Our clients sometimes need support with the soft skills such as influencing, presentations, resilience, management and more. In summary, we tailor each session to the needs of our clients, whatever they may be.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A business workshop is a collaborative business meeting to work through a problem or arrive at an action plan.

We offer coaching and development workshops to enhance and develop the skills of your teams.

Our workshop pricing depends upon the number of attendees, the number of facilitators, the number of days/hours and the level of preparation required.

Unfortunately, no. All of our workshops aim to deliver value, supporting the goals you want to achieve and identifying strategies and opportunities to accelerate your business.

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