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Lean, six sigma, change and transformation programmes

From digital transformation to disruption, from agile marketing to six sigma, we offer help and support with change. So, if you need to save time/money, increase quality or add more value, we are here to help. We work with leaders and marketing teams to deliver two things. Firstly, long-term change that benefits your business and also your people because only 22%* of change programmes succeed. Secondly, value add for marketing functions so that your investments go further.

In summary, if you need support with a change either operationally or in marketing, it’s time to think beyond.

*HBR 2021 – Study on the accuracy of Kotter’s 30% for successful change programmes.

Use cases:

1) Competitive strategy
2) Productivity
3) Save time
4) Save money
5) Increase quality
6) Improve wellbeing

Are you making the right type of change?

Not all types of change are lasting or long-term. Some changes are tactical, short-term and non-recurring. Some changes are operational such as changing the way you do things. Ultimately, change programmes only go so far because you can’t shrink your way to greatness. Real transformation involves long-term change that takes the business in a new direction. It needs everyone on board and it also needs the skills, experience and objectivity to realise the long-term gains.

In conclusion, whether you need one of the three kinds of change or true transformation, you can trust us to help you deliver. So, let’s get started and thinking beyond today.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It involves a long-term change to your operating model and to the proposition(s) and market(s) in which you operate to pursue sustainable competitive advantage and returns. Companies like Netflix, Apple and Microsoft have successfully transformed and built advantage in areas that were not their core business.

Digital transformation is the use of digital technologies to replace or enhance business processes and customer experience. In operations, this may involve new software platforms, automation in processes or better integration of systems. In marketing, this may include marketing automation software, cloud-based platforms, machine learning and predictive marketing technologies.

Change is important in marketing because digital tools, new approaches and automation demand more value add. Ensure you can sustain current activities and become the marketing team of the future focused on marketing contribution.

Operational, operating model and strategic. Operational change involves doing what you do but better. Operating model change involves doing what you do differently. Strategic change involves offering new things to different markets.

John Kotter published his seminal book, Leading Change, in 1996 and he found that only 30% of change programmes succeed. The Harvard Business Review updated this research in a 2021 publication and found that only 22% of businesses successfully transformed their financial and reputational performance.

People are the most important element in change. If your communication strategy and your change agents are not aligned to your change strategy, you could be one of the 78% of failed change programmes. Every business needs to evaluate their internal resource, technical knowledge, soft skills and also their availability to commit to a sustained transformation effort.

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