Programmes require planning. From campaigns to entering new markets to product launches to change, we offer advice and support.

Programmes matter

It is hard enough to juggle multiple campaigns with all the content and channels involved to reach your audiences. So, when a change of approach comes along for lean nurturing, ABM or automation, planning comes in handy. Furthermore, imagine having to rush headlong into a new market or product launch without the planning and support to succeed.

In summary, the higher the stakes, the higher the pressure and help to plan and prepare can boost the chances of success.

Use cases:

1) Change programme
2) Product launch
3) Entering new markets
5) Intent-based marketing
6) Business improvement

Programmes with results

Can planning yield better results? Yes. With the right support, knowledge and ideas, marketing programmes can double-down on key opportunities. Entering a new market? Let’s make it count. Launching a new product? Let’s make it fly. Getting a handle on ABM, nurturing or intent? Help is at hand. Whatever your business need, our team of business and marketing experts can help safeguard your investment.

In summary, programmes need copious amounts of planning that most simply don’t have time for. Let us help you grow.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is the planning and marketing activities to support the promotion of a product or service to an audience across channels with key responsibilities and deliverables.

They range from simple promotion of an existing product to launching a new product in an overseas market. We believe that these investments need appropriate support and planning to achieve the desired outcomes.

No. We believe that the strategy, planning and execution are best served when each is given appropriate attention. Most people have enough to juggle in their day job and the planning is where we add the most value.

There is no easy answer to this as it depends on the product, the audience, the market and so on. We know that up to 85% of all product launches fail and 1 in 3 fails because of a lack of marketing support.

With the knowledge, skills and freedom to assess the market and how best to leverage your investment, it frees up internal teams to focus on dynamic and brilliant execution of the programme.

Yes, for those in the B2B world. We work with businesses on 1-to-1 ABM and design lead nurturing programmes. We also leverage the advantages of AI with intent-based marketing.

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