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We offer value add consulting services and business solutions to help you find new opportunities and increase business performance. Here, you can browse the main categories of our services to quickly find what you need.

Value add consulting services

Firstly, we offer value add solutions. Secondly, we offer them to the C-Suite in the private sector. Thirdly, we research, plan and change to help you find new opportunities and accelerate business performance. If you are looking to increase the value you add, grow your business, increase business performance or solve tricky business issues, we can help.

Additionally, if you have already enjoyed our research, plan and/or change services, why not stay with us and let us enable. Busy leaders sometimes just want one point of contact and we offer that to save you time. Finally, if you don’t see what you want listed here, just ask us and we might surprise you with what we can do.


Needing to find information, insights or ideas from customers or lookalike audiences? We not only execute your survey, we design the survey, analyse the results and make recommendations based on the results. So, if your surveys soak up your time, why not let us find the answers you need and apply our experience too?


Gain deeper research insights and more accurate feedback with neuroscientific techniques for marketers, the C-Suite and beyond. Whether your brand, campaigns, experiences or packaging need to stand out, are inconsistent or simply don’t create the positive associations and emotional response you seek, call us now.

Market Profiling

Our market analysis, profiling and sizing work help you to unlock new opportunities. Need to find new accounts to contact? How about prioritising where to invest in new business acquisition? Profile and understand your ideal customer profiles so that your lead generation activity takes off.

Strategic planning

Strategic planning helps to identify your strategic business goals. Once you have identified your goals, it’s time to review your Target Operating Model so that your business is set up to achieve those goals. Once you have goals, you can put in place short, medium and long-term plans that set out the logic to achieve them.


Whether you are launching a new product, entering a new market or executing large-scale campaigns, these all need programmes to plan and launch effectively. Whatever your aim, teams are often busy and need support during these critical times to ensure they are prepared to get the results you need.


Businesses and processes are complicated. Whether you are looking for improvements in sales, marketing, operational or finance processes, we have the skills and knowledge to assure these processes perform at their best. From reviews to health checks to full-scale consulting engagements, we get results.


The field of consultancy is a broad church. We offer everything from an executive sounding board to a non-executive director. We also support you with short-term projects and pay-as-you-go senior support. Perhaps you need a senior marketer or finance person to attend board meetings, mentor teams or troubleshoot.


Change projects, programmes and transformation activities are one of the largest challenges for any business. Finding the skills, scope and support to deliver change and transformation leads to more success. Remember that only 22% of transformation programmes are successful so ensure you have the right partner.

Lead gen

All B2B businesses need leads. With many B2B organisations now spending more on technology than marketers, it suggests that help is required to get your sales and marketing engine running at full power. Deploy, optimise and accelerate activity to key accounts, retain customers and upsell or cross-sell.


Performance, sustainability, dashboards and KPIs keep businesses in business and allow senior leaders to make better decisions. Our solutions support better performance, better insights and better outcomes based on solid, robust information. We also help with greenhouse gas reporting to support your social value.


Getting the right message to the right person at the right time is harder than ever and omnichannel is here to stay. Help is at hand to plan effective content, nurture leads along the sales funnel and then to automate your content delivery at scale. Check out how we support your campaigns and also your effectiveness.


We support boards and management teams with strategy, planning, troubleshooting, customer and brand workshops. We also help with coaching and development of your teams from soft skills to hard skills. Whatever the need, our workshops are run by experienced business experts so that we can add value to you.


Finally, you have seen the services that we offer within our 4 pillars. With a wide range of skills, experience and knowledge, you never know what we can support you to achieve. So, to help you with tips, insights and thoughts on business, why not read our news section and begin your journey to accelerated time to value.

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