Surveys for consumers, B2B and the C-Suite or a more complex requirement helps to validate your ideas before you launch.

Surveys for market research

Surveying your audience to validate your ideas, your performance or your proposition helps reduce risk. It also helps to find new opportunities with feedback that perhaps you did not expect. We offer the ability to query consumers, B2B or C-Suite personas and other bespoke needs. Furthermore, we present the results back to you with analysis and explanation so that you can make a decision.

In summary, from surveys to validate to primary research that underpins content, why not try our services.

Use cases:

1) Find information
2) Listen to customers
3) Listen to employees
4) Test new ideas
5) Validate other research
6) Gauge sentiment

Surveys with support

We could just serve your questions to an audience and hand them back to you, but that’s not us. We help you to design the survey, run it for you then collate the results, analyse it and present the findings back to you with insightful feedback. Even if you regularly survey audiences, the approach for B2B decision makers and the C-Suite is very different and vice versa. If you need something bespoke to a niche audience, we can help.

Ultimately, the humble survey continues to hold relevance for business decisions so make your next one count.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

It is a set of questions designed to understand a problem or find an answer from a specific audience. It is a form of primary research and it also quantitative or qualitative.

Both have their pros and cons. Focus groups can suffer from more bias than a questionnaire depending on the structure of the focus group.

Maybe. Ultimately, it depends on the criticality of the answers you seek and the decisions that are based on it. We recommend a neuroscientific approach to confirm the results.

It is a cost-effective method of obtaining answers to key questions. The cost depends on the size of the audience, the type of audience and also the number and complexity of the questions.

You don’t have to use us. However, our service takes all of the hassle out of planning, deploying and interpreting the results, especially if they are for senior eyes.

The best time is when it is convenient for the recipient. A quick-fire survey on a Friday afternoon is likely to be less reliable with less responses gathered.

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