The science of brands. Use neurobranding to test brand perception and how you compare against the crowd so you stand out.

Neuroscience and branding for brand management

Neuroscience and branding, also known as neurobranding, applies the field of neuroscience to your business’ brand. Neurobranding helps you to drive brand development, increase the effectiveness of campaigns and reduce the risks of a rebrand. Applying science to your brand means you stand out for the right reasons so your brand value increases. Don’t jeopardise your reputation and brand value.

In summary, your brand is a valuable asset so it pays to protect, nurture and invest wisely so it shines brightly.

Neurobranding to create brand advocates

Neurobranding increases brand recognition. Additionally, it creates more positive association and turns customers into brand advocates. Think Apple aficionados queuing outside in the dark, at 3am in the rain, but still super excited about spending a large sum on a new phone. Brand advocates help market your products for you. How cool is that?

In summary, you can either pay for brand-building and brand ambassadors or make your own army of brand advocates.

Through sheer expertise and knowledge, they have brought all of the tools to help drive businesses to the next level.


Neurobranding strategies for success

Neurobranding strategies help carve a path to brand success. Reduce the risk of a marketing action that harms your brand value and make sure your brand is optimised for success. We have doctors in neuroscience applied to brands to de-risk a rebrand or boost the results of your campaigns. Make brand science part of your brand management so that you make the right brand choices.

Ultimately, understanding responses to your brand gives your brand campaigns the highest probability of success.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Neuroscience of branding applies cognitive neuroscience to your brand strategy. It uses a combination of neuroscience research and neurobranding experiments to measure responses to a brand and campaigns.

Neuroscience and branding is important because it helps protect brand value and safeguards brands against embarrassing campaigns or a fall in sales following a rebrand.

You do not need science for your rebranding but for many brands it represents one of the riskier investments you make. Ultimately, wouldn’t it be nice to know that your new brand will succeed? Test, measure and prove how people will feel and attach to new branding so you see a return on investment.

Neurobranding builds a brand by guiding how you position and communicate your brand and increasing positive association with it.

Brand and brain work together and cause a reaction to branding that you hope is good. The valence of the reaction is measurable and emotional response is categorised to show how it made you feel.

Brand value takes time, effort and money to create, nurture and develop so it makes sense to get it right. Casting your brand in the right light is the science equivalent of PR but for branding. In summary, reduce the risk of brand backlash and lost followers by investing in emotive brands.

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