Create emotive customer experiences for loyalty, get to the heart of employee experience for engagement and embed your diversity and inclusion. Enrich the experience of your customers and your people.

CX + Neuroscience = Amazing

Leaders in customer experience outperform by 80%. 

Leave the best possible impression with a customer at every purchasing stage and touchpoint with your business. Give customers a positive, lasting impression so that they not only return to you to get what they need, they advocate for you.

Customer journey mapping and service blueprints help you to map customer experiences. When combined with neuroexperience research, we scientifically measure the emotional response to every interaction and touchpoint.

EX + Neuro = Feel-good factor

Happier employees are more engaged, more productive and more fulfilled at work. Employee surveys and exit interviews are notoriously unreliable and biased. Diversity, equality and inclusion (DEI) initiatives do not always lead to real change. In summary, who really believes that surveys are accurate and Unconscious Bias Training (UBT) delivers long-term change? So, why persist when there is a better way?

Using neuroscientific techniques, we get to the heart of how staff really feel about DEI and working for your organisation.

Delight customers more

Acquiring new business is costly – in fact, it is up to 6X more costly than retention. We go beyond acquisition to identify and position new propositions to existing customers, promote retention and create advocates. 1 in 3 businesses say that CX is crucial to hit their goals over the next 3 years.

Our neuroscientists predict or measure response. With less bias and deeper insights than focus groups and surveys, it outperforms other techniques. So, delight your customers with experiences that drive positive valence and activation.

Fulfil employees more

Employees that have a positive experience are happier at work, suffer fewer mental health issues and burnout. With greater cause and engagement comes purpose, motivation and productivity. With greater inclusion, less discrimination and micro-aggressions comes equality and belonging. In short, a happy workplace is good for business.

Do staff trust your survey? Are answers completely honest? Does UBT drive diversity, equality and inclusion? In summary, neuroexperience helps you with insights into how staff feel, their perception, biases and associations to improve EX.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Techniques such as customer to customer marketing, service blueprints, customer journey mapping and neuroexperience research are ways to enhance the customer experience.

Customer satisfaction can be measured in a variety of ways from Trustpilot to Net Promoter Score. Unfortunately, these do not predict or measure how customers will feel and respond to a customer experience so we use neuroscientific research.

Customers interact with multiple touchpoints at different stages of the purchase cycle, both online and offline, and we need to know how to interact with and influence customers at each of these points. Ultimately, this helps with retention, building loyalty and customer lifetime value (CLV).

Employee experience is the overall feeling of working for an organisation based on workplace policies, workplace design, organisational culture, pay and benefits, training and wellbeing. A positive employee experience leads to a more engaged, fulfilled and motivated workforce but also happier customers.

Neuroscience studies have many benefits. Firstly, they can virtually eliminate the bias present in focus groups, surveys and interviews. Secondly, up to 98% of purchasing decisions are subconscious and based on emotional response. Thirdly, our neuroscientific techniques are useful for both employee experience and customer experience (happy employees improve CX, happy customers benefit EX).

You can measure employee experience in 4 ways: 1) Staff surveys; 2) Exit interviews; 3) Digital monitoring; 4) Neuroexperience. We believe that the first two suffer from bias. Digital monitoring sometimes erodes EX. So, our neuroscientists design and run studies to find how staff really feel.

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