Marketing Audit

Make sure that your marketing plan is delivering your marketing goals with our audit framework. Peace of mind and return on investment.

Assurance that your marketing plan works

Marketing audits give you assurance that your marketing plan is working by reviewing the activities and performance of your marketing efforts. We can go several steps beyond and look at marketing roles, alignment to your business plan, review your existing marketing agencies and recommend quick wins. We follow a structured approach so that you get professional recommendations and clear benefits to your business.

Ultimately, we support you to achieve your marketing goals by providing assurance on your plan.

I attended a marketing seminar given by Merce at the Business Network South Manchester. Great information delivered with passion and professionalism plus her enthusiasm is infectious! Thank you!

Louise Mosley

Measure your marketing return

The key to a successful marketing strategy is being able to measure your marketing return. From marketing return on investment (MROI) to customer lifetime value (CLV), we focus on data and numbers to show you what works and what doesn’t. Unlike a financial audit, you can use the clear recommendations to boost your sales and financial return. We go further still and consider activities, stakeholders and more.

In conclusion, our framework delivers assurance and recommends ways to increase your return.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A marketing audit checks how you are performing against your marketing plan and marketing strategy.

An external marketing review looks at the macro-environment around the business and helps to ensure marketing activities adapt to changes.

There are many different angles on a marketing audit such as a strategy audit, function audit, systems audit, productivity audit and environment audit. We go beyond and combine elements of all of these in our marketing health check.

The key benefits of a marketing audit are that it validates performance, can increase your marketing return, ensures you adapt to changes in your environment and optimises the marketing process.

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