Marketing Director Service

Get as much or as little marketing management support as you need on the board with our Marketing Director Service.

Up to 8% more revenue.

Marketing management skills on your board can increase revenue by 8% versus no marketing person. Power up with a senior Chartered Marketer for a fraction of a full-time Marketing Director’s salary. Simply pay a low fixed monthly fee or pay-as-you-go for flexible support.

Many businesses have no CMO or Marketing Director on the board so they miss out on crucial customer and market insight. We offer a service to provide high-level, strategic guidance and a cost-effective voice to enhance marketing.

Build your marketing capability, today.

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Put your customers first

Put customers at the heart of your business strategy. Unlock more sales and improve customer retention for a fraction of the cost of a full time Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Marketing management is at the very core of marketing, orchestrating strategies and plans to achieve results. Also, this means that customer retention, loyalty and advocacy are core to your measurement and goals.

Our Marketing Director Service is tailored to the support you need and we only place level 7 CIM Chartered Marketers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A marketing manager works on projects and tasks to support marketing activity whereas the Marketing Director sets the marketing strategy aligned to the overall goals of the business.

A Marketing Director or Chief Marketing Officer usually earns more than £100,000 per annum in the North West and up to 67% more in London. Our flexible options are a fraction of this cost.

Ensuring that marketing has a seat at the boardroom table gives your customer a voice in your business strategy. It also gives the marketing team much needed support and guidance which may not be required full time.

A marketing degree is a great start but becoming a CIM Chartered Marketer can be an advantage. We only place level 7 Chartered Marketers into a board position.

A Marketing Director creates the marketing strategy, runs the marketing department and advises on commercial opportunities. They sometimes sit at board level and companies that do show 8% higher revenue on average.

Investing in a full time CMO is very expensive and only medium to large enterprises can afford such expense. We offer a flexible approach where you get that senior support for one to four days per month or ad hoc to suit your needs.

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