Webinar on connecting with customers using neuroscience

Connecting with customers using neuroscience
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Today, the team at Think Beyond hosted a webinar focused on connecting with customers using neuroscience. With a list of attendees covering SMEs to blue chips, our co-founder spoke about emotion in marketing. Read on to find out more about connecting with customers.


A topic that connects

As a consultancy, we offer solutions that often differ a little from the norm. We use neuroscience to compliment our research offering and that formed the subject of our webinar.

As we move to a world where differentiation is more important than ever, neuroscience is a key tool. Most importantly, we want to tap into the emotions of customers to truly connect with and engage with them.

In our series of webinars for 2021, there is a dash of application to brands, campaigns and experiences.


Connecting with customers

Think Beyond’s co-founder, Steven Cozens, presented the webinar to senior marketers and business owners.

Our founder, Mercè Cozens, organised and opened the event. Mercè commented afterwards, “What a wonderful presentation to valued customers and newcomers alike”.

She added, “The event was well-attended and covered a lot of content. Neuroscience is such an amazing merge of marketing and science. We hope everyone really enjoyed the event as much as we did putting it together”.

Steven commented, “Neuroscience is a fascinating topic and a challenging one to present. It is so important to make the content accessible and valuable to all. After all, once you get your head around the fact that it is a research tool, it becomes easier. Thank you so much to our attendees for taking the time out and the amazing feedback following the session.”

Here is some feedback from the attendees:

“Really interesting presentation thanks for doing this, though it does confirm my in-built bias.”

“Thank you! This has been very useful.”

“Really enjoyed this.”

“Thanks so much, this was really interesting.”


Webinar attendees connect with neuroscience

We always like to present thought-provoking content, not simply replay common themes. As a result, we were keen to take and answer questions on the topic afterwards. We are also aware that the desire to connect with customers make this a must-have.

Steven later added that, “Although we know that neuroscience is powerful, we have to overcome inertia. Turning to surveys, interviews and focus groups is second-nature to most marketers. Ultimately, our challenge is in asking attendees to make an unfamiliar choice. Yes, we are showing people the power of the techniques and asking you to make a rational choice. That requires thought and effort against familiar methods of research.”


Connecting on future webinars

Think Beyond is a management consultancy that offers a range of knowledge and support services. Our approach is to tailor solutions that meet the needs and goals of your business. To help us do this, we use our PSR model to enhance your marketing. As a result, most of our services have a scientific or return-driven approach. In summary, if you have a challenge or need in marketing, why not see if we have a solution? It may be something you have not considered.

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