Diversity and inclusive leadership at Club 90 Business Networking

Inclusive leadership and marketing speakers

On Thursday 22nd October, the Alderley Edge business and networking event “Club 90”, held the third virtual event of the year. Diversity and inclusive leadership formed the focus of the online session. Guest speaker for the quarter was global leadership strategist, Sharon Amesu. In her presentation, she explored, “Why Inclusive Leadership is the Ace Card for Business in the 21st Century”.

Kirsty James, from Colony Networking, and Mercè Cozens, from Think Beyond, complemented with spotlight talks. Kirsty addressed the topic of diversity and inclusion within the framework of business relationship building and networking. Furthermore, Mercè focused on how personalised and inclusive marketing campaigns increase business results for both B2B and B2C companies.

Facilitated networking and free flow discussions rounded off the virtual event.


Hosts share thanks for insightful diversity and inclusive leadership event

Firstly, “Thank you to our fabulous guest speaker, Sharon Amesu, for her insightful presentation” said co-host Mercè Cozens.

“Also, thank you to my co-host, Kirsty James, for continuing to make Club 90 events a possibility. Online, offline, Club 90 is here to stay and generate business insights, discussion, learning and connection opportunities. I was delighted to reconnect with members from our last virtual club 90 during lockdown.”

“Personalisation and inclusive marketing are essential to deliver relevant, timely campaigns that resonate with audiences in a meaningful manner. We have come a long way from “insert first name” in an email field. Ultimately, there is a huge opportunity for more growth in B2B and B2C.”

Kirsty added, “Inclusive business relationships and networking are more important than ever.”

“This quarter’s event has been thoroughly uplifting and enlightening. Whatever stage a business is at in embracing diversity, Sharon clearly mapped out a route from self-awareness to intention and commitment. The characteristics of inclusive leadership that were discussed today practically mirror the value set I advocate for effective networking. Finally, thanks to everyone who participated today with attendance and thought.”

Guest speaker, Sharon Amesu, added “In order to remain viable, sustainable, resilient and future fit, every organisation will need to adopt new ways of thinking and working.”

“The key to achieving this is a diverse talent pool working effectively in inclusive environments. It has been a pleasure to join the leaders of Club 90 to explore how leaders can be the vanguard on this agenda.”


Why you need to include Club 90 in your business networking

Club 90 is a quarterly business and networking event. Sessions are held every 90 days and also last 90 minutes each. Guest speakers, spotlight presentations, business resources and networking are always on the agenda.

If your business is in Alderley Edge, Wilmslow, South Manchester or the surrounding areas, joining Club 90 is easy. Simply choose from an annual membership of £90 (4 events) or come as a visitor to the next meeting from as little as £20.

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Inclusive marketing support from Think Beyond

Think Beyond is a marketing consultancy with a difference. Run by a level 7 Chartered Marketer, we offer inclusive marketing solutions and support. Our team of dedicated and skilled marketing professionals assist with everything from strategy to execution so you get what you need in one place. This includes digital and creative services right through to science and change programmes.

In summary, we are a great place to start your marketing journey or enhance and accelerate your growth.

Why not book a free marketing consultation by calling  01625 682110 or email sales@think-beyond.co.uk.

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Finally, keep checking back for our upcoming events and talks on marketing.

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