Merry Christmas and don’t forget your new year marketing resolutions

Merry Christmas and don't forget your new year marketing resolutions


After a long and turbulent year for everyone, we can all agree that a well-earned break over the holidays is overdue. The Government is urging us all to have a safe and responsible time in small bubbles. Many are looking forward to seeing family members for the first time in months and others need the rest.

Our key workers really do deserve a break and we should all give them a collective “Thank you, very much” for their unwavering efforts. We shouldn’t forget those who are homeless, have fallen on hard times or face an uncertain new year. It was amazing to see human feats such as Captain Tom raising nearly £33m walking for the NHS in his centenary year.

We want to wish you a Merry Christmas and don’t forget your new year marketing resolutions! For those who do not celebrate this holiday, we still hope that you enjoy some time off and the spirit of this time of year.

Our offices are closed from 24-28 December but we will pick up anything urgent via email.


New year, new marketing

Yes, 2020 created more than a few challenges for marketers. As the economy went into reverse and certain sectors were hit hard, marketing experienced a range of fortunes. On the plus side, some online and FMCG businesses actually invested more in marketing campaigns. On the down side, there was some reduction in advertising spend and some unfortunate job losses.

We see this as the ideal time to reflect. Reflect on what went well in 2020 marketing and what we can improve on for 2021. New year, new marketing, so don’t forget your new year marketing resolutions.

Earlier this year, we looked at some emerging things to plan for and one of the biggest changes to come. Digital-first is now the norm, ABM will be standard, effectiveness is coming to the fore and partnerships are more important than ever.


New year marketing resolutions

So, after scoffing the turkey, pulling a cracker and tearing open some gifts, there will be ample time to think beyond. Yes, it’s a cheesy pun, but thanks to the joyful gift that keeps on giving (aka Coronavirus) we won’t be planning the usual blowout. With all that spare time before returning to work at some point in January, cast your mind back to some of the challenges faced.

Tough budget discussions, pressure to justify ROI, struggles with planning, lack of data and more. When you consider that around half of businesses don’t have a marketing strategy and those that do may have a marketing plan on a single page, planning is a focus area.

Similarly, many started the year with big ad budgets that they were unable to spend. The lack of measurement or a clear link to increased return caused headaches. Perhaps next year you should focus on data, reporting and KPIs.

How about large-scale B2B campaigns in the form of an ‘email blast’? Lots of effort, content and a vacuum of response. Perhaps the sales team got a little more feisty as the leads dried up. Consider an approach based on intent if your deal size is high or a more targeted ABM programme (we were nominated for an award on that one).


Don’t forget it’s all about the numbers

Yes, call us cynical, but numbers speak a thousand words. Hmm, that’s not quite right, is it? Anyway, numbers help articulate the value added by marketing. Pretty campaigns and flashy videos mean nothing if they don’t result in tangible, measurable results. It is tempting to sit back and let a marketing agency send a weekly or monthly report on performance. However, are they measuring the right things? Are they tracking things that bring revenue, margin and profit to grow your business?

We are passionate about marketing being seen as a profit centre rather than a cost centre. That only happens when marketing is able to justify its contribution. Don’t believe us? You should after 2020.

Whilst we are counting the sprouts and arguing over who gets the last slice of fruit cake, we will be thinking how best we can offer the support and value to our clients. It isn’t too late to seek help with strategy, planning and budgeting for 2021.


Merry Christmas from your marketing boutique

Okay, so we borrowed ‘marketing boutique’ from one of our clients but we think it describes us well. We offer a range of marketing consulting services and agency support. That enables us to offer you end-to-end support in most areas and reduces the number of suppliers you need to manage. Furthermore, it means that your strategy and plan are more likely to lead to the results you seek.

Ultimately, the proof is in the pudding (pardon the pun, again!), so why not take us up on a free consultation? Try before you buy with an hour to discuss your needs and it’s completely free. Simply call us on 01625 682110 or email

Alternatively, why not complete our quick contact form so we can give you a call back.

Also, we are running a few marketing events during 2021 if you would like to come along.

Finally, all that is left for us to do is wish you a Merry Christmas and don’t forget your new year marketing resolutions. We are here for you in 2021 and beyond.



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