Account Based Marketing

Why Account Based Marketing

Here is why you can’t ignore Account Based Marketing (ABM):

60% of businesses intend to increase spend on ABM.

91% increase in deal size reported for marketers using ABM.

87% of marketers measuring ROI believe they achieve superior return on their marketing investment.

In summary, isn’t it time you reaped the benefits of ABM?

How Account Based Marketing

Firstly, you need your sales and marketing teams rowing in the same direction.

Secondly, make sure your team have the knowledge and support they need to add value through ABM.

Thirdly, focus down on each account as a market of one and tailor your approach.

In short, focus effort on key accounts and reap the benefits.

ABM requires change

Despite 47% higher response rates and 67% higher conversion, many teams lack the confidence to make the change. ABM consultants support your transformation, bringing frameworks, IP and models to your business. Project management, stakeholder management, coaching and automation are just a few skills you need to win with ABM.

In summary, why not shortcut your ABM change?

Account Based Marketing examples

Examples include inbound marketing to educate users, quality content and personalised e-mail messages, social media engagement of key accounts and affiliate offers from partners your customer is interested in and more. Ultimately, the sales process focuses on more personal, regular conversations with customers rather than prospects who may never buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The definition of ABM is a sales strategy that channels marketing resources towards specific target accounts. The focus is on quality rather than quantity.

The objective is to increase the return from a smaller number of key accounts by treating each account as a market of one.

The benefits include a high ROI, increased deal size, more cross sell and upsell, greater sales and marketing alignment and personalised messaging.

ABM automation involves integration of CRM (customer relationship management) software to share data, track account interactions and send personalised messaging to customers.

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