Predictive Marketing

Predictive marketing meaning

Predictive marketing means the use of data and artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the action of a prospect online for lead generation. Analytics take customer behaviour and use machine learning to assess what they are trying to do online. It is a methodology that uses algorithms to increase the effectiveness of marketing, delivering you leads that you would otherwise miss out on. You no longer need to outspend your competitors on paid advertising or waste money with clicks that will never convert.

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Predictive examples

Predictive techniques through online search engines mean you get to ‘jump the queue’ on search results because you know the ‘intention’ of the prospect at the other end. This intelligent approach means that you have the insight on their need or pain point. Rather than hoping they call you or click your advert, you may be able to contact them and offer a product or service they are currently looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Predictive marketing uses big data and AI to predict customer behaviour in response to marketing.

Predictive marketing is powerful to increase the effectiveness and impact of your campaigns or marketing by predicting what will work. It also means that you know something about the intentions of the prospect so that you can target them better.

Predictive marketing can be deployed in much the same way as paid advertising and we can help with your strategy and deploy a solution bespoke to you.

Predictive marketing is AI-enabled software that allows you to see to what people may respond in your target market and personas.

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