Sales Funnel & Reverse Sales Funnel

Funnel strategy to unlock sales

Sales funnel strategy means looking at your funnels, the sales process and marketing techniques you can use to increase sales. Increase funnel velocity and conversion rate across each stage in the funnel with funnel analysis and a strategic review of your sales process. Did you know that 68% of B2B businesses have yet to identify their sales funnel(s) and are missing out on sales leads? Would you like a well-defined funnel, more opportunity and more sales?

We recently engaged 'Think Beyond' to complete a 'Marketing Health Check ' for our organisation Family Care Group. We found the whole process very helpful, it forced us to reflect on where we are now, how we got here and what we need to do.

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Marketing funnel management

Marketing funnel management involves the marketing funnel and lead management to increase funnel velocity and the volume of marketing qualified leads (MQLs) supplied to sales to convert. Marketing techniques generate inbound sales leads that need to be qualified and moved through to conversion. Would you like more marketing qualified leads and support to enable increased conversion to sales?

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A sales funnel describes how leads move through your sales process in numbers.

A reverse sales funnel tells you how many leads you need to generate at the top (ToFu), middle (MoFu) and bottom (BoFu) of the funnel to reach marketing and sales targets. Forecasting required leads means that you can set goals and metrics for every stage in the sales process. Additionally, it tells you if your target is realistic and where there may be drop-offs in the sales cycle.

Funnel management involves overseeing the journey of a prospect from an unqualified lead through to converted customer (sales won). Lead management techniques optimise the sales process.

A sales funnel strategy looks at how marketing activity and sales process can increase sales won. Marketing techniques increase inbound leads and qualify them and lead management helps with pipeline acceleration and sales conversion rate.

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