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Ensure your teams are rowing in the same direction with sales and marketing alignment. Our proven framework gets results.

Get 209% more revenue from marketing

Sales and marketing alignment helps you become better at closing deals and can generate 209% more revenue from marketing. Misalignment between this power couple is the single biggest barrier to growing sales. A match made in heaven with improved results or misalignment leading to lost sales and poor experience.

Would you like support to convert leads and a higher deal value? Would you like your marketing activity to link directly to leads and revenue? Finally, how about an internal way of boosting sales and profit?

With a focus on delivering ROI, Think Beyond is my first recommendation for businesses who need experts to quickly deliver innovative lead acquisition and engagement campaigns.

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Sales and marketing alignment is crucial

Alignment between your marketing and sales teams, also known as Smarketing, is crucial to business success. We help you to align sales with marketing, agree a common language and deploy marketing techniques to increase the flow of marketing qualified leads into sales.

In conclusion, this is a win-win scenario with sales selling more and marketing adding more value. We offer a framework to bring the teams together for mutual benefit and success. We also support sales enablement, funnels, nurturing and other techniques to convert more leads.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Sales and marketing alignment is establishing congruence between the roles and responsibilities of the marketing and sales departments. Strategic and creative thinking in marketing supports achievement of targets in sales.

Research suggests that when sales and marketing work together it can help generate 209% more revenue from marketing.

Aligning sales with marketing means more sales and more value add. This power couple deserve to live happily ever after and the most successful organisations see 209% more revenue.

Marketing and sales should be two separate departments. They are separate professions and marketing has responsibilities that go beyond the quarterly sales target such as internal communications, customer satisfaction, website maintenance and much more.

The benefits of sales and marketing alignment go beyond revenue. Smarketing delivers improved customer retention, improved financial performance and higher marketing retention because staff can demonstrate more value add.

Sales need marketing to succeed with many buyers 80% through the sales funnel by the time they speak to an account manager. Marketing provides a crucial support to qualify more leads.

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