Plan your marketing for 2021 – Webinar with Inventya

How to plan your marketing for 2021

This morning, UK business leaders joined Think Beyond and Inventya’s Women in Innovation event. The plan your marketing 2021 webinar with Inventya focused on planning and what to watch out for in 2021.

The virtual session was dedicated to answering the question, “marketing trends 2021: what do I need to plan for?”. Attendees received strategic and practical insights for B2C and B2B companies looking to prime their 2021 for success.

Broken down into three distinct sections of innovation, digital experiences and growth from partnerships, the online event encouraged collaboration between attendees. A free-flowing question and answer session rounded off the webinar.

Marketing trends webinar sets course for 2021

Firstly, Merce Cozens, founder of Think Beyond, commented, “Thank you to my wonderful co-host Dr Giulia Sirigu from Inventya/EEN for helping to make the online event a reality.”

“Marketers today face unique challenges in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. Many businesses are wondering where to turn or how they should allocate budgets for the coming year so today’s session deep-dived into the latest marketing insight to help plot a clear path for 2021.”

Secondly, Dr Sirigu added, “Thank you to everyone took the time to join the session this morning. We are happy to support businesses in their innovation journey creating a more equal and inclusive environment.”

“As one of the delivery partners of Enterprise Europe Network, Inventya is committed to helping innovative businesses commercialise their ideas and grow globally.”

In November, Think Beyond and Inventya join forces again to bring you a more bespoke marketing session. We will discuss strategic planning for 2021 so find out more and register now.

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