Marketing manufacturing in a crisis: How to survive and thrive Covid-19

marketing manufacturing in a crisis

Marketing manufacturing in a crisis is tricky. Find out how to survive and thrive Covid-19 with five proven marketing tactics.

With over half of manufacturers confident that normal trading conditions will return within 12 months[1], getting back to growth is key. Here, we outline how to get your manufacturing business back to growth and keep it there.

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Inbound marketing growth strategies for manufacturing

Now is the time to “rebuild for the longer term” states leading management company McKinsey in their latest Covid-19 update[2]. For OEM, dealers, and distributors in the manufacturing sector, a rebuilt marketing strategy should include the following.

Content Marketing for Manufacturing

Firstly, an effective content marketing strategy for manufacturers combines keyword focus with relevant and targeted content. Everything from brochures to email, website blogs to social media posts and whitepapers needs to speak to changing buyer habits. And why? Because the typical B2B industrial buyer is over half way through the purchasing process before they reach out to sales.

Automation and AI in Marketing

Secondly, digital marketing automation bridges the ROI gap. If you, like those in the 3D printing sector, have seen a sharp increase in demand and spiraling digital marketing spend, why not set a spend limit and target in-market audiences. Conversely, if your company has witnessed a drop in traffic (physical or virtual), predictive marketing tools help you to target the prospects that are actively ready to buy, making for a lean marketing spend.

Video for brand awareness and conversions

Thirdly, one minute of video is equivalent to 8 million words. As a manufacturer, video represents an opportunity to engage with often complex or technical products in a visual manner. Furthermore, video and creative content assets gives you the opportunity to humanise your brand through fun “how to” guides or “behind the scenes” sneak peaks.

Yes, video is a significant investment but if you use it to add value you drive both brand awareness and conversions. Additionally, it doesn’t have to be film crews and lighting with motion graphics and animation.

It’s not all about new customer acquisition in manufacturing

Fourthly, it is tempting to conflate marketing with new customer acquisition but this is only half the story. Delight your existing customers with timely upsells or offering exclusive promotions. Therefore, it makes sense to invest in customer experience and advocacy to increase retention and wallet share.

A move to ABM for manufacturers

Finally, it’s easy to see why spend on account based marketing (ABM) adoption grows year on year with personalisation, razor-sharp targeting and superior ROI. And manufacturing is no exception with ABM paving the way to engage with targets and the best opportunity. As markets contract or expand, an account based marketing approach directs budget to key accounts. Additionally, we increased market opportunity for one client by 3,000%.


Marketing manufacturing support in a crisis

Deciding upon the marketing direction for your manufacturing company is difficult. In times of change and instability, focus shifts from proactive to reactive acts with a clearly defined marketing strategy getting lost in the fallout.

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